Vietnam Visa Application Online due to Covid-19

Dear All value Customers,

Now, the Vietnam has allowed experts, investors, workers and their families to enter Vietnam by applying for the 3 months single entry business visa. Foreign employees that who want to enter Vietnam should ensure they have a sponsor who can assist the employee in obtaining the necessary paperwork and communicate any changes to them.

Due to Covid-19, the Vietnamese government suspends entry into Vietnam to tourists.


Visa application Procedure

Step 1: Send docs to

  • Business License of the Sponsor Company in Vietnam Scan / Investment Certificate (In case there is no sponsor company, please contact directly)
  • Passport scan (valid for at least 6 months)
  • Confirm arrival date, arrival port
  • Contact of the representative in Vietnam
  • Confirm temporary residence address after quarantine period expires
  • Current visa (if any) / Valid Temporary residence card (if any)
  • Work permit (if any)
  • Negative COVID-19 test result for at least three days before entering Vietnam using the real-time PCR technique. (The tests must be done at testing centers approved by their government or at test centers approved by the World Health Organization (WHO);)
  • Qualifications (to prove that applicants are skilled workers/ experts)
  • Documents in the host country to be allowed to exit (if any)
  • Spouses/ Children of experts, investors, skilled workers need to provide paper proving status like marriage certificate/ birth certificate that need to be consular legalized and translated into Vietnamese.

Step 2: Get confirmation mail, quotation and settle payment

Step 3: Get full set of filled docs from the Immigration Department to sign, stamp and seal

Step 4: Get visa approval letter



  • Full package with 3* hotel: 2.600 USD
  • Full package with 4* hotel: 2.900 USD
  • Full package with 5* hotel: 3.500 USD

This visa fee is applicable for company in Ho Chi Minh city only, other provinces/ cities please check case by case.


Full package visa fee including:

  1. Approval letter by People's Committee or Government Office and Health Department
  2. Vietnam entry approval letter by the Immigration Department
  3. Isolation letter by People's Committee, Health Department or Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  4. Hotel for 15 days quarantine + 3 meals/day
  5. Support fee for medical personnel who will serve during the isolation process, medical equipment for performance of Covid testing twice during isolation, fee for medical waste.
  6. Car for medical professionals of the Department for Disease prevention to pick up pax and accompany them from airport to hotel. 



  1. Stamping fee at the airport ( 25 USD/person for single entry; 50 USD/person for multiple entry )
  2. Other medical fees incurred ( employees are required to have health insurance which covers health costs abroad, or be able to provide a guarantee from their company that it will cover any coronavirus-related costs )
  3. Personal expenses
  4. Flight ticket ( for flight ticket booking, please contact )



The visa approval letter fee is non-refundable for any reasons, once submitted.

In case there’s any change in your itinerary, please inform us at least 7 working days before your entry date. Otherwise, all fees are non-refundable.

Regulations are likely to change quickly. We, therefore, recommend that businesses follow us and check this space for any updates or changes to the current regulations.

For more informations, please contact or 0909.343.525