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Kristina Spak

E-Visa Vietnam

Aug 10, 2018
Hello dear organization :)

I’m going to flight to vietnam: I already booked my tickets and they are saying that i’m leaving frankfurt on the 28th of august and i’m landing in vietnam on the 29th of august 2018.

Now my questions: 
1) When applying for the E-Visa, can i state that the Grant E-visa is valid from 28th of august, while my intended date of entry is actually the 29th of august? Or do i have to state the Grant Evisa is valid from the 29th of august, because that’s the actual day, i’m landing in vietnam?

2) for the Permanent residential address, is it enough to state the country? or do i have to state my complete adress?

Thanks a lot!
Vietnam Evisa Support
Aug 10, 2018

Dear Kristina Spak

Thanks for your question

Please notice that it will take 2 working days to process Evisa only. So you can apply now as your visa will be valid from the given Entry date on the form.

Also, you can put the Entry date is Aug 28, then arrive on Aug 29 without any problem.

For Question No.2, When applying for a visa online, you just need indicate your correct nationality only.

Any more assistance, please call us at +84.909.343.525


Amanda - Evisa tea,


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