Frequently Asked Questions

All most popular questions and answers about Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

1. Can I apply for a new E-Visa when I am currently in Vietnam?

E-Visa is only issued for foreigners who are currently abroad, wishing to enter into Viet Nam (not to foreigners who are currently temporary resident in Viet Nam). Check out how to apply for a new E-Visa in this post.

2. My E-Visa was issued, but the information specified on it is wrong. How can I correct it?

The information on your E-Visa must be correct and match your passport information. In case it is wrong, you cannot use that E-Visa to board the plane and enter Vietnam. Check out how to correct it in this post.

3. How long does it take to obtain an e-Visa?

Normally it takes 3 working days to get the E-Visa, but we offer some other faster processing times and guarantee that you will receive your e-visa within the time frame you specified on your application form. Find out our processing times here.

4. Can I enter Vietnam before the entry date on my E-Visa? The validity of the E-Visa?

The validity of the E-Visa is 30 days (single entry). You cannot enter before that entry date. Check out how to enter before the entry date here.

5. My nationality is exempted from Vietnam Visa for 15 days. Do I have to wait 30 days from the time of departure to reenter Vietnam on a unilateral visa exemption if I already did so the last time?

According to the new Law, you can reenter Vietnam with Visa exemption, don’t need to wait for 30 days from the time of departure. Explore the detail of this new Law here.

6. How many types of Vietnam visa on arrival are there?

The Vietnam visa approval letter is issued by the Immigration Department, this is the visa approval letter that allows you to get visa on arrival when arriving at the Vietnam airport. Base on your purpose and length of stay, you can apply for different types of visa. Check out the Vietnam visa types here in this post. 

7. What is Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA) ?

Visa on Arrival (VOA) is a type of Visa that you get when arriving at the Vietnam International airports. When applying for VOA, you will get a Visa Approval letter which is used for boarding the plane and getting Visa Stamp and Visa Sticker at the Vietnam airports. 

  • No document needed.
  • No sending passport to Embassy or consulate.
  • No hiden charged and no fail.
  • Fast , easy, reliable, safty, ...

8. How to apply Vietnam visa online?

Getting travel ticket in Vietnam (also called Vietnam visa) is the first thing which all international tourist must do and Vietnam Visa on arrival is the most popular choice presently.

Vietnam visa on arrival is exactly the same as a visa issued by any Vietnamese embassy/consulate, with the same limitations and conditions attached to its use. There is just one different thing that Visa on arrival is received at the Vietnam airport, no need to go to the Embassy or Consulate. This kind of visa is available for entering the country by air only.

9. Our Visa to Vietnam Services at

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10. Who need visa when visiting Vietnam?

Check out whether your nationality require to apply for a Vietnam or not? If yes, what type of visa can you apply? Which one is applicable for your nationality and your purpose? All in this post.