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  • Jeb

    No visa required?

    Hi, is it true Philippines citizens don't need a visa to visit Vietnam?

    Thanks for replying.
    Asked by Jeb Philippines Philippines 2 days ago 1 answers 11 views
  • Jackie

    6 days travelling through Vietnam

    We will be arriving in April for our 7 day trip. It is an organised trip with a small group.
    Will we require a visa for our trip?
    Asked by Jackie United Kingdom United Kingdom 3 days ago 1 answers 12 views
  • BK

    I applied for e-visa. However, name is only first name and surname is missing. It is still under process.

    e-visa application not showing full name despite filling in right details in right fields for full name.
    Asked by BK India India 3 days ago 1 answers 14 views
  • Ibrahim

    Visa Requirement


    I just need to know if Lebanese passport holders get Visa on arrival? And what about Algerian passport is it online ?
    Asked by Ibrahim Lebanon Lebanon 3 days ago 1 answers 10 views
  • T C S Peiris

    the applicable site to submit an online visa application

    There seems to be two sites for online visa applications. and

    I am Sri Lankan and kindly advice as to which site i should use. The cost per person varies between the two.
    The first site requests for additional documents. If this is the correct site, kindly let me know as to how to upload the documents, as there is no separate place to upload.

    Thank you.
    Asked by T C S Peiris Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 3 days ago 1 answers 13 views
  • Jeneena

    Visa for Germans


    Are Germans passport holders exempted from the Visa? I read in your FAQs that there was an exemption from July 2015 until June 2016.
    Asked by Jeneena Germany Germany 3 days ago 1 answers 13 views
  • Natacha Barthel

    Prolongation Visa Vietnam

    We are in Vietnam since 1month and we buy Yesterday a evisa for 1 month (25$) more. Its it ok if we go to Bavet with the New one and validate in Vietnam side (without take the visa for Cambodgia)? Thank you
    Asked by Natacha Barthel Belgium Belgium 3 days ago 1 answers 12 views
  • Julieta

    When to apply

    Hi, I wouls like to know how soon do I need to apply for a Visa? I will be travelling in May. I need to know how long the visa is valid. Thank you.
    Asked by Julieta Argentina Argentina 4 days ago 1 answers 16 views
  • VanOanh le

    Visa’s length of staying

    1/ Your website only offer 1 year, do you have 5 years? And how do I apply for 5 years? And what is the fee for 5 Years.?
    2/ if I apply in person at one of Visa location, can I get physical Visa, instead of Visa On Arrival?

    Thank you,
    Asked by VanOanh le United States United States 4 days ago 1 answers 12 views
  • Jose Roman

    Visa for Costa Rican citizens

    Hello I'm traveling to Vietnam for 10 days in February I want to ask about the procedure for the Visa apply
    Asked by Jose Roman Costa Rica Costa Rica 4 days ago 1 answers 14 views