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    Hi We are a group of 12 Adullts visiting vietnam for 10days, is there a way we can apply for all in one go or do we need to apply individually.
    Asked by VINOD REDDY India India 8 days ago 1 answers 14 views
  • Julie Kinnaird

    Evisa name order

    I hope you can help.
    I have emailed the evisa Vietnam web portal help site but have had no reply.
    I have been issued 2 single entry visa for Vietnam but I notice my name is shown differently on each. One says Kinnaird Julie Ann and the other says Julie Ann Kinnaird. My passport is Surname: Kinnaird. Given Names: Julie Ann. Can you let me know if either will be a problem on entry?
    Gratefully yours,
    Asked by Julie Kinnaird United States United States 15 days ago 1 answers 27 views
  • 심홍수


    하노이 출국 오늘밤 23시10분 1명, 내일 밤 23시10분 3명 예약 가능할까요? 편명은 KE456입니진

    Asked by 심홍수 South Korea South Korea 19 days ago 1 answers 35 views
  • Mohammad Gous

    My name is Mohammad sameer and I got e visa with reverse order Sameer Mohammad will it be a okay to travel

    Name in reverse order in my e visa
    Asked by Mohammad Gous India India 19 days ago 1 answers 176 views
  • SH

    Hochiminh Fast track

    We are scheduled to arrive in Ho Chi Minh City at 9:30 PM on September 11th. One person would like to apply for fast track. There is no luggage. please tell me how
    Asked by SH South Korea South Korea 21 days ago 1 answers 28 views
  • Sarath Babu




    While filling the Vietnamese e visa application I noticed that there were two fields asking for my SURNAME and GIVEN NAME and as per my passport details I do not have a SURNAME.
    In this instance could you advice me on how to fill the SURNAME and GIVEN name Field (since I cannot leave the field as blank)?

    Note: My given name as per my passport is SARATH BABU

    Warm Regards
    Sarath Babu
    Asked by Sarath Babu India India 23 days ago 1 answers 61 views
  • Mayank Vaish

    Kids Visa and type of Visa

    Hi, I have couple of following queries :
    1. While applying my visa, I have added names and photographs of my kids <14 years ( 4 and 10 yrs ). Paid the visa fees for 3 persons. But it did not ask Passport numbers for my kids. Do, I need to separately apply visa for kids?
    2. We entering and exiting from Hanoi airport and will be visiting Hanoi, Ninh Binh and Phu Quoc. Do I need multiple entry visa or single entry visa?
    Please clarify. Thanks.
    Asked by Mayank Vaish India India 25 days ago 1 answers 30 views
  • Roy Berry

    2 city visit

    My wife and I will be cruising the far east on Norwegian Cruise lines with two stops in Vietnam on two separate days. On Jan 19 2023 we will be visiting Ho Chi Minh City, then on Jan 20 we will be visiting Nha Trang. Do we only require one single visa each or 2 single visit visas.
    Asked by Roy Berry Canada Canada 1 months ago 1 answers 32 views
  • Mohamed ElSharkawy

    Visa work

    Visa work
    Asked by Mohamed ElSharkawy Egypt Egypt 1 months ago 1 answers 45 views
  • James

    2023 3 month E Visa

    Can you tell me what the total cost of the New 3 month, multiple entry E visa that will go into effect in August will be? Will the process be the same as the online 30 day E Visa or will it be like the old Visa on arrival program?
    Asked by James United States United States 2 months ago 1 answers 52 views