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  • Magdalena Maria Elizabeth Holtzhausen

    Visa on arrival

    I am visiting my daughter in Ho Chi Min City. Arriving 5 March and departing 6 April 2023. Which e-visa must I get? The 3-month multiple entry visa only has a "For business" option, not tourism?
    Asked by Magdalena Maria Elizabeth Holtzhausen South Africa South Africa 2 days ago 1 answers 3 views
  • julie

    Change port of entry

    I thought I would fly into Hanoi, but now will fly into Ho Chi Minh. My evisa specifies Hanoi. Can I enter Ho Chi Minh without a problem?
    Asked by julie United States United States 6 days ago 1 answers 13 views
  • ANdre

    Application for E-viza for Tourism Purposes

    I am an Albanian citizen and I need to know if I can apply for e-Visa for Tourism Purposes online (less than 15 days) through the following website:

    Thank you
    Asked by ANdre Albania Albania 9 days ago 1 answers 20 views
  • Isa Luzie Brodnjak

    visa vietnam 33days


    me and my partner are travelling to vietnam in march. we planned to stay from 1st march to 3rd if april. we just found out that the tpurist visa is only for 30 days. what are our options?

    Isa Brodnjak
    Asked by Isa Luzie Brodnjak Germany Germany 16 days ago 1 answers 13 views
  • Scott Adams

    Passport Expiration within 6 Months


    I have applied for a Vietnam tourist visa, but have just realized my passport will expire 5 months and two weeks after the date I arrive in Vietnam. Will I be refused entry?
    Asked by Scott Adams Canada Canada 24 days ago 1 answers 14 views
  • Ligier

    Turism visa for 32 days

    I can’t apply on your site for a tourism visa for 32 days with multiple entries. Is it possible ? How should I do?
    Thank you
    Asked by Ligier France France 27 days ago 1 answers 12 views
  • Simone Fernandes

    Visa multiple entry necessary?

    Helo I will go to Vietname in March on vacations for 7 days and than I will go to Laos for 7 days and than return to Vietname for more 3 days. What kind of visa we need to buy?

    Thank you for help
    Asked by Simone Fernandes Portugal Portugal 1 months ago 1 answers 12 views
  • Kermit Sando

    How do I apply for a multiple entry Vietnam visa

    I am visiting Vietnam in Jan 2023 and will also be visiting Thialand , how do I get a multiple entry visa online?
    Asked by Kermit Sando United States United States 1 months ago 1 answers 61 views
  • Paula

    One month multi entry visa required?

    We are from Spain, an we have a flight ticket to enter vietnam on january 5 jan and departing on january 21. 16 days, 15 nights. In between we will spend 3 days in camboya. That is, we would spend less than 15 days in total in vietnam, but with two entries. One from spain and the other one from camboya. Do we need a visa? Which one do we need? Thank you very much

    Asked by Paula Spain Spain 2 months ago 1 answers 53 views
  • Maria Viray


    We are planning to visit Vietnam for a week this coming January is e visa better than a visa on arrival, or are they the same?
    pls, advise. Thank You
    Asked by Maria Viray United States United States 2 months ago 1 answers 48 views