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  • Multiple entry

    Hi I have to come to Vietnam for business meeting frequently . What is the process of getting multiple entry
    Asked by Khandaker Erfan, 5 hours ago 1 answer(s)
  • Waiting for Visa

    I finished the Visa application a week ago. Just wondering when I get the Visa?
    Asked by Robert Vincent, 8 hours ago 1 answer(s)
  • Cost of Fees

    Are the fees the same amount I pay with application vs paying upon arrival in Vietnam?
    Asked by Evangeline d. De La Rosa, 17 hours ago 1 answer(s)
  • Want to establish Business in Vietnam

    I am Presently running a company in India related to facilitate Hospital - Cubical Curtains, Wall Guard etc.
    Asked by Rakesh Chandra, 19 hours ago 1 answer(s)
  • Tourist visa

    I will be travelling to Vietnam with my wife for a week, we are Tanzanian nationals holding residency permit in Thailand. Kindly advise if we can apply for online visa.
    Asked by Mustafa, 1 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • To re-apply ( Renew) 5-year Visa for Vietnam, from US

    I am Vietnamese-US citizen. I have 5-year VISA to VN, it is expired on 01/03 2018, I 'd like to apply for 5-year VISA again. I have been trying to apply online, but I could not find the 5-year's application I apply online? and where should I get the form ?
    Asked by Francis P Le, 1 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Revisiting Vietnam

    Hello I will be visiting Vietnam for 3 weeks in early December 2018 with a 30 day visa, but can I return within 30 days for 12 days getting the 15 day visa on arrival
    Asked by Alan Pokorski, 1 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • cruise visa?

    Hi we are arriving via cruise ship can you help with visas?
    Norwegian Jewel
    Sunday, October 14 Nha Trang, Vietnam 8:00am 6:00pm
    Monday, October 15 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 8:00am 6:00pm
    we have ground tours already booked
    we are a group of 8 - 2 are canadians
    thank you
    Asked by patrice, 1 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Is the fee $25.00 per application for 3 people or $25.00 per person=$75.00

    1 Fee of $25.00 per application for 3 people or $25.00 per person in one application.
    Asked by Evangeline d. De La Rosa, 1 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Tourist visa on arrival - Ho Chih Minh

    Hi, if I have a guest who holds an US passport, can he apply for tourist visa on arrival at Tan Son Nhat International airport? He arrives on 5 Jul and leaves on 6 or 7 Jul.
    Asked by Elaine Sim, 1 days ago 1 answer(s)
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