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  • Approval letter

    our delegation have been invited by Bricsa consulting private limited to participate in the 2nd Annual Transport infrastructure conference in Vietnam from 21st to 22nd of may 2018 and were refereed to this site for an approval letter ,we will prefer to apply in vietnam embassy here in nigeria but will need the immigration letter, kindly advice us on what to do?
    This is the contact of the Organizers,
    Rinkal Domadia

    Accounts Manager

    Bricsa Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

    1st Floor ,Dr R.G.Rao Villa, Behind Amboli Church ,

    Amboli, Andheri(W),Mumbai-400058.India

    Mobile No : +91 9167971458

    Tel: +91 22 6242 2900

    Asked by Dr.Prince Nwaubani, 7 hours ago 1 answer(s)
  • Visit Vietnam for 8 day on November 7 to 14-2018

    Do I need visa?
    Asked by Seng, 1 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Visa

    We will be arriving on a cruise ship this Fall. We will visit three ports in your country. What is the best way to get our visas beforehand so all is smooth. Approximate cost please. Thanks.
    Asked by Paul , 2 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Passport Validity

    Hello Dear,

    Responding an urgent call for meeting with Mitsubishi Vietnam, i have to visit your country on 2nd May 2018. But my passport will be expired on 19th September 2018, that is less than six months. Now can I get a visa to enter Vietnam with this passport or I have to renew it with new extended validity? In that case I am afraid I might not be able to get the visa within my planned visit.
    Please respond positively with your valuable suggestion.
    Asked by MD SARIFUL HAQUE AFRAD, 2 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • VOA


    is it ok for me get the VOA and travel to Vietnam?
    Asked by albert, 3 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Price

    what is the difference between1 month single entry visa 1 month multiple entries visa?
    I would visit Vietnam on April and back on May. What kind of visa should I buy? How much does it cost?
    Asked by kaya, 3 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • 1 months multiple entries visa fee

    How much does it cost about 1 month multiple entries visa fee?
    Asked by kaya, 3 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Waiting for Visa

    Asked by Ian McLeod , 3 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • How do i Get my Visa?? I just applied!!

    How do I get my Visa?? Mail?? Email??
    Asked by Richard Awakuni, 3 days ago 1 answer(s)
  • Visa

    1.Please confirm that for a English tourist travelling to Vietnam after the 1st July 2018, they will require a visa.
    2.Do you require exact arrival dates or can they be a rough guide?
    Thank you
    Asked by Jenny brushett, 3 days ago 1 answer(s)
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