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  • Nicole

    Journalism visa

    I came into the country on a tourism visa but bc of the massive covid , I would like to change to journalism visa. Is it possible to get one while in Vietnam?
    Asked by Nicole United States United States 11 months ago 1 answers 552 views


    Posponed trip this year due to covid19. Is the evisa still good for for next year ?
    Asked by PATRICIA SMITH Canada Canada 1 years ago 1 answers 549 views
  • Harry W ritchie

    Is there still 1 year visa, my current visa expires on 27/5/20. Do I have to leave Vietnam? I'm currently in Binh Duong where I have a apartment. Do not want to leave at the present time, feel safer in Vietnam.

    ! year visa, if not what can I get or extended for how long without leaving
    What is the cost also
    Asked by Harry W ritchie United States United States 1 years ago 1 answers 608 views
  • Alexander Nimac


    Could you please provide links to download N9A form also
    Asked by Alexander Nimac Canada Canada 1 years ago 1 answers 586 views
  • Sơn Hai lê

    Visa miễn thị thực Việt Nam

    Xin chào ông/Bà
    Tôi xin hỏi passport Úc của Tôi được cấp giấy miễn thị thực nhập cảnh Việt Nam 5 năm . Nhưng trong giấy miễn thị thực mực in ngày thang năm và nơi cấp hơi bị mờ dù xem đọc vẫn được. Vậy giấy miễn thị thực này có giá trị và được chấp nhận nhập cảnh vào việt Nam không.
    Cảm ơn và mong hồi đáp ông/Bà
    Asked by Sơn Hai lê Australia Australia 1 years ago 1 answers 555 views

    Business Visa

    I am willing to be self quarantine for 14 days upon arrival -
    Asked by ANASTASIOS EPITROPOU Greece Greece 1 years ago 1 answers 351 views
  • Jeremiah John Monlouis

    Visa on arrival / E visa

    Good morning. I am froM the Caribbean with valid US B1B2 visa and Disney Fantasy Crew VISA wishing you Visit Vietnam with my friend for a week. What is the visa steps needed to take if any or am I Elligable for Visa on Arrival?
    Asked by Jeremiah John Monlouis Saint Lucia Saint Lucia 1 years ago 1 answers 370 views
  • Kathleen Roy

    Is it possible to refund my visas because my trip is cancelled

    Me and my husband were supposed to go at Hanoi march 15th until march 22th and the trip is cancelled.
    Visa # Kathleen Roy : E200227CANG92078930
    visa # Frederick Vallières: E200227CANHC40643437
    Thank you!
    Asked by Kathleen Roy Canada Canada 1 years ago 1 answers 307 views
  • Nikki Bisschoff

    Visit to Vietnam

    Hi there we are from South Africa and we would like to move to Vietnam we travelling on the 4th April is it still possible to get a Visa? We are two adults and a 17year old. We will not want to just stay as tourists but look to stay long term so we will sort those visas out once we are in Vietnam but we are looking to get access to a 3-month single entry visa in the meantime. We don't have Coronavirus in our city and limited in our country, the first cases were only last week
    Asked by Nikki Bisschoff South Africa South Africa 1 years ago 1 answers 292 views
  • Gurdeep Prashar

    i do have 5 year visa exemption (spouse)

    i do have visa exemption (spouse) i am travling to Vietnam New Delhi to Ho chi Minh on 1st april 2020 ,do u think there is problem during entry ? pls give me information because my trip is very important. thanks

    Asked by Gurdeep Prashar India India 1 years ago 1 answers 293 views