wrong arrival data

han heck

wrong arrival data

Jan 07, 2020
My wife and I go for a hollyday to vietnam
Periode is from 15 jan - 7 februari 2020! (25 days)
Unfortunately there was a misunderstanding on my side regarding the data.
We will arriving a few days lather then i entered on the visaform!
is this a problem upon arival in Vietnam?
Vietnam Evisa Support
Jan 07, 2020

Dear Han Heck,

Thanks for your question!

What type of visa did you appply? If it is for 1 month visa, you are allowed to stay in Vietnam from Jan/15 to Feb/15, you can enter Vietnam after Jan/15 as normal but must leave before or on Feb/15

Did you apply visa on our website? If yes, could you please to give us your application ID? We will check again and confirm you soon

Best regards,

Nina Huynh 

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