Due to Covid-19, we arrange visa for business and labor only. Tourist visa is still suspended.

Please read conditions bellow for understanding procedures:

We are processing:
  • - 3 months visa
  • - Business and labor purpose of entry
  • - 21 working days processing
Required documents:
The visa processing price is not including:
  • - Quarantine plan form for CDC: 100 USD (Download File)
  • - Stamping fee (Government fee): 25 USD
  • - Covid-19 test: 3 times (60 USD/time)
  • - Airline ticket, Hotel and personal expenses
How it works?
  • 1. Send us business license and passport scan
  • 2. We send back documents for you to sign and stamp, then we apply for permition paper from HCM/HN Committee.
  • 3. We apply Visa for you or group.
  • 4. We/you do quarantine plan for CDC.
  • 5. When you arrive at the airport, you must be following the CDC to quarantine place.

Vietnam Visa Application Form

Select intended entry gate.
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  • the service fee is flexible for each nationality and may change in the next steps based on The Vietnam Immigration Rule
  • Stamping fee does not include, you will pay in cash at the airport.