2nd nacionalidade and 2nd. Passport

Livio Rodrigues Passos

2nd nacionalidade and 2nd. Passport

Dec 02, 2023
I'm Brazilian and I have a 2nd. nationality (Portugal). In the form I informed that I have a 2nd. valid passport (Portugal) and completed the Portuguese passport details.

I will travel using only the Brazilian passport. I requested the visa for the Brazilian passport.

Question - How did I inform a 2nd. nationality and a 2nd. valid passport (from Portugal), will I have to show both passports when entering Vietnam?

Or can I only show the Brazilian one despite also giving information from the Portuguese passport?
Vietnam Evisa Support
Dec 04, 2023

Dear Mr. Livio Rodrigues Passos,

Thank you for choosing our service.

We got your application, you applied for the E-Visa with the Brazil passport. Therefore your E-Visa will be issued with the Brazill passport information specified on.

When you enter Vietnam, you only need to show your Brazil passport with the E-Visa to Immigration Officer to enter Vietnam.

It is not required to show your 2nd valid passport upon arrival. The Immigration department only need the information of your 2nd passport to process your E-Visa online.

Regarding your application, Please re-send us your passport data page image via Visa@vietnam-evisa.org. The photo you uploaded on the application form is blurry.

Best regards,

Heidi Phan (Ms.)

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