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  • Rebecca Walker

    New entry point/early entry

    My husband and I are Americans traveling from Cambodia. We have plans to enter Vietnam by bus and we already have a visa for the date and location of entry. However, we would like to see if we can come to Vietnam sooner and by plane into Ho Chi Mihn City. Is this fine with our current visas or would we need to reapply?

    Thank you for your time.
    Asked by Rebecca Walker United States United States 4 years ago 1 answers 16,990 views
  • William Barrientos

    Entry Inquiry on Passport valid for less than 6 months

    Dear Sir/Madam;

    I am a Filipino citizen planning to visit Vietnam for 1 week tentatively, last week of January but my passport will be expiring on April 17, 2017. Will I be allowed to enter your country? The passport renewal process in my country will not allow me to renew my passport on time.


    Asked by William Barrientos Philippines Philippines 7 years ago 97 answers 13,706 views
  • Michael

    Is it possible to change the exit point?


    I wanna go to Vietnam this august and I am looking for an eVisa online. what happens if between applying and actually visiting, my exit point changes? for example if I said I would leave via one departure point but then wish to leave one different to the one on my eVisa?

    my nationality is german and i like to get an e-visa for 30 days.
    Asked by Michael 6 years ago 76 answers 11,398 views
  • Carina Fernandez

    One way ticket to enter to Vietnam

    Dear All,
    I will arrive in Vietnam on 23Sep. I have two questions:
    - I understand that I can get the visa approval letter at any time before that day. Can you please confirm?
    - I will have one way ticket available on 23 Sep. My plan is to stay in Vietnam less than one month. I have not decided yet where I will travel after Vietnam, so my plan is to by a ticket while I'm there. Should I have a ticket to leave Vietnam to get the visa?
    Thank you for your answer.
    Asked by Carina Fernandez Spain Spain 6 years ago 48 answers 9,815 views
  • theingi win

    Twice Entries to Vietnam within 30days

    Hi, I'm a Myanmar passport holder and understand that we don't need visa for 14days visit. But I heard from here says that we do need a visa if I want to enter Vietnam 2 times with 30 days. My last entry to Vietnam is 10th-sep-15 to 13th-step-15. Now I need to go there on this 8th-October-15. Do I need to get a visa? Thanks a lot for your advice.

    Asked by theingi win Myanmar Myanmar 8 years ago 4 answers 8,204 views
  • LooFei Zhang

    Full Name Format on application form

    On your online application form for visa on arrival. The full name section, should the name be in First Name, Last Name or Last Name, First Name format? Or it doesn't matter?


    Asked by LooFei Zhang United States United States 8 years ago 18 answers 7,888 views
  • Godson Ntumobe

    Hi am Nigerian resident in japan can I apply forVietnam tourists visa online or arrival at airport

    hi am Nigerian resident in japan I want to make a short trip to Vietnam with my wife Japanese can I apply online or arrival at the airport

    Asked by Godson Ntumobe 8 years ago 4 answers 6,228 views
  • Ron

    Vietname visa duration

    I am Ron from Bangladesh.I want to get vietnam tourist visa for 30days from 10th october,But I heard embassy not issuing 30days visa now for Bnagladeshi.Please let me know the actual infrmation and when I can get 30days visa?
    Asked by Ron Bangladesh Bangladesh 6 years ago 1 answers 4,209 views
  • Ray

    Do Malaysia passport need visa to enter Hanoi?

    I am flying from Singapore to Hanoi on 11 oct. I am holding Malaysian passport, Singapore employment pass. Do I need to apply visa to enter Vietnam? My visit is less than 2 weeks in Vietnam. Thanks.

    Asked by Ray Malaysia Malaysia 7 years ago 22 answers 4,176 views
  • john ahmed

    Visa requirement for seamen


    I have a UK passport and will be arriving in Vung Tao on the 3rd July.
    I have been working on a Korean cable ship.
    What are my visa requirements for entering Vietnam.
    I also want to stay three nights before flying back to the UK.

    Best regards

    John Ahmed

    Asked by john ahmed United Kingdom United Kingdom 7 years ago 17 answers 4,176 views