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  • David Blair

    Visa Waiver plus VOA


    I will be entering Vietnam via the land border with Cambodia. On arrival, I will get a 15 day visa waiver (UK passport holder). I will leave Vietnam after 14 days and then return 20 days later. For the second visit, if I want to enter again via land border (with Laos), what visa do I need? Is it easier if I choose to fly into Vietnam for the second visit?

    Asked by David Blair United Kingdom United Kingdom 1 days ago 1 answers 6 views


    Asked by LINDA M Cameroon Cameroon 1 days ago 1 answers 5 views
  • Nathanael Nghidinwa

    Visa on arrival for Namibian

    Good day

    Kindly advice whether Namibian Qualify for visa in Arrival to Vietnam .

    Asked by Nathanael Nghidinwa Namibia Namibia 1 days ago 2 answers 3 views
  • Abhijit das

    Is Visa on arrival a sticker visa??

    I need to know that if we get the Pre- approval letter to Vietnam airport,will they provide sticker visa on passport or will just simply stamp on the airport?
    Asked by Abhijit das India India 2 days ago 1 answers 3 views
  • Marilyn Kirby

    Receipt for payment of visa

    On the 11th of December I left London to spend Christmas and New Year with my son in Australia. I took a two night stopover in Hanoi on way and three night stopover in Ho Chi Minh on my return. My travel agent told me that I did not require a visa as I was not staying in Vietnam for the required fifteen days. However, on my return, at check in at Sydney on 6th Jan for flight VN772 to Ho Chi Minh, I was informed that I did in fact require a visa. I was told that there was a clause stating that a visa is needed if you leave Vietnam but return within 31 days. I eventually managed to do this by paying 250 Australian Dollars in cash to a member of your staff there. By this time all check in desks had closed. The lady I gave the money to said she would sent the receipt details to Immigration and then they could send the visa to my phone via WhatsApp. While she did that, another staff member found me somewhere to check in when the visa came through on my phone. By this time my flight was already boarding, and in my panic to get my flight, I left without getting a copy of the recept for my money paid for the visa. I am now trying to make a claim on my travel company for the cost of the visa. Could you please send me a copy of my receipt, or some evidence that you actually received 250 dollars from me on that day. I have sent a WhatsApp message to the person who sent me the visa, but have had no response. I would really appreciate your help. Thank you. Marilyn Kirby.
    Asked by Marilyn Kirby United Kingdom United Kingdom 2 days ago 1 answers 4 views
  • Oliver N


    I am a Taiwan passport holder but a resident of the Philippines.
    Do i need to get visa to enter vietnam?

    thank you
    Asked by Oliver N Taiwan Taiwan 2 days ago 1 answers 4 views
  • Larissa Phung

    Is Visa needed for stopover

    Hi! I am travelling from Germany to Australia (1 way) with a 16 hr stop over in Vietnam. do I need a visa if I want to leave the airport to see the city for a couple hours, if I have a valid German passport (longer than 6m expiration)?
    Asked by Larissa Phung Germany Germany 2 days ago 1 answers 4 views
  • shirzoman

    I want to get there

    I want to get there
    Asked by shirzoman Afghanistan Afghanistan 3 days ago 1 answers 8 views
  • Rosario

    E-visa landborder

    Hello! I’m from Argentina. I’m going to take a bus from cambodia to HCMC, the e-visa works for argentinian to cross a landborder? I’ll have to pay an stamping fee at the border or is just the stamping fee you charge us?
    Thank you!
    Asked by Rosario Argentina Argentina 4 days ago 1 answers 13 views
  • Elaine Edwards


    We are visiting more than one area in Vietnam in March but application form says what airport, we are staying in Saigon for three days then going hoi an for 14 days do we just put one airport as there isn’t an option for two confused
    Asked by Elaine Edwards United Kingdom United Kingdom 4 days ago 1 answers 12 views