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  • Dinesh  T C

    For Visa

    I would like to visit Vietnam December 12th to 15th December 2019. I want know about visa requirements , visa cost, process to apply for Online visa on Indian passport.
    Asked by Dinesh T C India India 2 days ago 1 answers 15 views
  • Raunak

    overland arrival

    Can I use this type of online visa if I'm arriving overland?
    Asked by Raunak India India 3 days ago 1 answers 9 views
  • Humaira Sajid

    living and working in Malaysia but holding Pakistani Passport how to get visa


    I am living and working in Malaysia for 10 yrs but holding Pakistani Passport how to get visa from kl?
    can i send docs via email and what are the docs shall i send and to where?

    Thank you


    Asked by Humaira Sajid Pakistan Pakistan 3 days ago 1 answers 35 views
  • cynthia almonacy


    Do I need a visa to enter Vietnam during a cruise. Will be starting the cruise in singapoore, starting in Vietnam for a day then boarding to continue with the cruise
    Asked by cynthia almonacy United States United States 4 days ago 1 answers 16 views
  • Leigh Robb

    Exit Point

    Hello in my visa application I put Cam Ranh as my exit point, I fly from Cam Ranh to Hanoi then to Bangkok (one ticket - 2 flights), should I have put Hanoi as my exit point and will this be a problem?

    Asked by Leigh Robb Canada Canada 4 days ago 1 answers 6 views

    Can I pay through bayad centers and 7 eleven because I don't have paypal and nay cards?

    Payment method
    Asked by GERLY AMANTE Philippines Philippines 4 days ago 1 answers 8 views
  • NonoB

    Prolongation e-visa


    We have already e-visa and we traveled in Vietnam for 10 Days.

    We would like to prolong our visa 1 month more.

    How can do that please? How much is for prolongation?

    Thank you.

    Asked by NonoB France France 4 days ago 1 answers 7 views
  • Syd

    Visit Vietnam on May 2019

    We would like to visit Vietnam in May 2020 by tour we a holder of Australian passport are we eligible for evisa? If yes which website we can apply to get visa? And what is requiring (documents or paper work) we should provide. Your advise appreciate.

    Syd Kujar
    Asked by Syd Australia Australia 4 days ago 1 answers 7 views
  • Li



    I’m planning to go to cambodia in 2 months and I’m an American citizen. I plan to fly from Cambodia to Vietnam but I’m not sure what date. Can I still apply for pre-approved visa and go whenever or I need to have a time frame?

    Asked by Li Cambodia Cambodia 4 days ago 1 answers 12 views
  • Muhammet Kamil Gok

    Arrival Visa For Turkey Citizens

    Hello, I am a Turkey citizen but I am in Taiwan right now. I am planning to have a trip to Vietnam for 9 days from 15 November to 24 November. I applied for visa but the embassy takes the process really slow and they still ask me for more documents although I have flight at this Friday.
    So, are there any chance for me to have arrival visa or C1 document or something else? Thanks for any help.
    Asked by Muhammet Kamil Gok Turkey Turkey 5 days ago 1 answers 13 views