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  • Axel Torre

    US and Philippine passport

    Hi! I have dual citizenship and I'm holding a US and Philippine passport. I plan to visit Vietnam for 5 days. Do I still need a visa for my US passport or can I just use my Philippine passport alone?
    Asked by Axel Torre United States United States 10 hours ago 1 answers 3 views
  • neil johnson


    There is no port of entry on the e-visa, we fly auckland to hanoi so I put hanoi as port of entry on the application form. we stop first in ho chi minh and then fly to hanoi. Will it be a problem ? There is no port of entry on the e-visa we have received, but it does say hanoi on our dash board.
    Many thanks,
    Asked by neil johnson New Zealand New Zealand 12 days ago 1 answers 22 views
  • David

    single or multiple visa?


    i would like to ask, if I need single or multiple VISA. We are arriving to ho-chi-minh, then we travel by bus to phu qoc, then we fly to hanoi from phu qoc and after short period we fly back to Ho-chi-minh city where we leave back to Czech republic?

    What kind of visa do i need for domestic flights like this? Single is enough?
    We will stay +-24 days

    Thank you, David
    Asked by David Czech Republic Czech Republic 22 days ago 1 answers 40 views

    Should I apply E-Visa in Vietnam?

    Dear officer,
    My name is KYAW MYINT NAING with passport number MH******.I'm originally from Myanmar.I arrived to Ho Chi Minh City on February 27, 2024 for my visa interview in US Consulate General. I got my US visa approved on March 7, 2024 and I left my passport with US consulate for processing my Visa application. I think that I was allowed to stay in Vietnam until 22 March according to my permitted date by the Vietnam Immigration but my passport is still with US Consulate. And I don't want to stay in Vietnam illegally. So, could you please instruct me what do I do? I'm really sorry for lately information.
    Residing Address-
    Saigon Charm Hotel
    154, Ly Tu Trong St, District 1, HCMC

    Asked by KYAW MYINT NAING Myanmar Myanmar 24 days ago 1 answers 45 views
  • Victor Velena

    Visa requirements

    We’re cruising and will visit one day Nha Thrang in December' do we need a visa?
    Asked by Victor Velena United States United States 1 months ago 1 answers 53 views
  • Rosalie Hill

    Can I check that port of arrival is correct on my Evisa please?

    On Evisa, entry port doesn’t seem to be noted

    Thank you
    Asked by Rosalie Hill Australia Australia 1 months ago 1 answers 225 views
  • Tamara Marshall

    Question about single entry visa

    I have already asked about the single entry visa and been told that I will need to apply for a multiple entry visa to enter Vietnam, fly to Cambodia, then return to Vietnam. As I already have a single entry visa for entry into Vietnam, may I also apply for another single entry visa to enter Vietnam from Cambodia? If so, may I apply for that before I use the first single entry visa?
    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Asked by Tamara Marshall United States United States 1 months ago 1 answers 59 views
  • Tamara Marshall

    Single versus multiple entry

    I already have a single entry visa for the month of March. We will be leaving Vietnam to fly to Cambodia then returning to Vietnam. I’m now questioning whether I chose the correct visa. if I have chosen the incorrect visa, is there a way to correct it before I get to Vietnam? Thank you in advance for your response.
    Asked by Tamara Marshall United States United States 1 months ago 1 answers 74 views
  • Gregg marston


    I stared this process two weeks ago; when can i expect to get my visa as we depart of feb 27
    Asked by Gregg marston United States United States 2 months ago 1 answers 81 views