Will this impact previously approved E-Visas?

Alicia M
United States of America

Will this impact previously approved E-Visas?

Jun 28, 2023
Do we know if E-Visas granted prior to August 15th will be factored into the new 90-day and multi-entry rules? I'm going to Vietnam on August 29th and am curious if I should wait to apply for an E-Visa after the 15th so I can have the multi-entry or not.
Vietnam Evisa Support
Jun 28, 2023

Dear Alicia M,

Thank you for your attention on our website.

The new validity of E-Visa - 90 days multiple entries will take effect on August 15, 2023.

At the moment, the validity of the E-Visa is still 30 days single entry.

To enjoy 90 days multiple entries, you should wait for the new law imposed, then apply for the E-Visa.

If you apply before the date new law take effect, you will not get your 90 day multiple entries E-Visa.

To apply E-Visa with us, kindly go to this link https://www.vietnam-evisa.org/apply-visa.html

Best Regards,

Heidi Phan (Ms.)

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