Multiple entry Visa

Paulo Biamino

Multiple entry Visa

Jan 22, 2024
My wife and I will visit Vietnam in March, our plan is to visit Hanoi, then go to Cambodia and return in 4 days to Vietnam, to Ho Chi Minh. I have three questions:
1 - I understand that we need a multiple entry visa, correct?
2 - When filling out the visa application form there is a question about date of entry and date of departure - are these the dates of first entry and last exit from Vietnam?
3 - Likewise, there is the question regarding arrival port and exit checkpoint, do I fill in the first airport of entry and the last airport of departure?
Vietnam Evisa Support
Jan 23, 2024

Dear Paulo Biamino,

Thank you for your attention to our website.

We would like to answer your queries below:

  1. Yes. According to your itinerary, you need a multiple-entry Visa.
  2. Yes. The arrival date is the date of your first entry in Vietnam (in Hanoi as your itinerary), and exit date is the last date you in Vietnam (in Ho Chi Minh as your itinerary)
  3. Yes. You can fill in the first airport of entry and the last airport of departure. In case you change your plane and will enter or depart from another airport, the E-Visa is also eligible for it. With the E-Visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam via any international airport.

To apply for the E-Visa, please go to this link

Best regards,

Heidi Phan (Ms.)

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