Frequently Asked Questions

All most popular questions and answers about Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

11. How much total do I have to pay for Vietnam Visa on arrival?

This post is a Summary about all the fee you have to pay when obtaining a Vietnam Visa On Arrival. No hidden fee, safety payment gate. Click here to find out!

12. What is Vietnam visa service fee?

When applying for a Vietnam Visa on arrival, there're 2 types of fee you have to pay. The first one is Visa Approval letter service fee. Then what is it? Check it out here!

13. What is Vietnam visa stamping fee?

 When applying for a Vietnam Visa On Arrival, beside VIetnam Visa approval letter service fee, you have to pay stamping fee when arriving at the Vietnam airport. Then what's it? And how much you have to pay? Check it out at this post!


14. Where is a place to get Visa Stamp?

When applying for a Visa On Arrival, you have to get visa stamp and visa sticker to enter Vietnam. Where can you obtain the visa stamp and visa sticker? Please check it out at this post!

15. What is Vietnam Visa Approval Letter?

The Vietnam Visa Approval Letter is a pre-approved application you need before entering Vietnam. You can get the Approval Letter or Vietnam Visa at local Vietnam Embassy by yourself.

If you have no free-time or stay far away the local Vietnam Embassy, our service can support you to apply the pre-approved letter for Vietnam Visa through a travel agent in Vietnam quickly and most conveniently.

16. How long can I get the Vietnam Visa Approval after submitting your service?

Get the essential information about the duration of visa and processing time. How long should you apply for the visa? How long does it take to process your visa? How long can you use your visa? Please check it out in this post!

17. In emergent case, what is the shortest time I can get Vietnam Visa?

Normally, when applying for a Vietnam Visa On Arrival Approval letter, you can get it within 2 working days for 1 month tourist visa, 5 working days for 3 months tourist visa and 4 working days for business visa. However, if you need a visa urgently, you can apply for our Emergency Visa. Click to get information about it!

18. Which documents have I show to get Vietnam Visa Stamp at the airport?

In order to get your Vietnam Visa Stamp, you should prepare:

  1. Your passport
  2. Printed the approval letter visa
  3. Filled entry and exit form
  4. Two passport-sized photos
  5. Stamping fee for visa ( $45 USD for single entry or $95 USD for multiple entries)

19. What are requirements of photos for Vietnam Visa on arrival?

The requirements of photos should be matched with following conditions:

  • Two photos are required for Vietnam Visa on arrival. One is glued on the entry and exit form and the another is showed if officers need to check.
  • Photos should be sized 4x6 cm as passport-size, especially taken NOT over 6 months.
  • Both of color photos or black and white are accepted.
  • Photos should be captured full of applicant’s face, front view in plain white background.
  • Photos should be taken in normal view. If applicants wear a heading device, wig or similar things in abnormal view, they should wear consistently with the pictures upon arrival.
  • Glasses without tinted lenses or any medical reasons are not acceptable.

20. Where do I get my Vietnam Visa Stamped on arrival at airport?

At the arrival hall inside the airports,  there is a landing visa counter, in front of the check in point counter, You have to prepare some documents to get visa stamp: 2 photos 4x6 cm, immigration form ( you can  download here ) and some cash in USD. ( 1 month, 3 months single : 45 USD, 1 month multiple is 65 USD, 3 months to less than 6 months is 95 USD and 6 months is 135 USD). 

Vietnam visa on arrival at the airports is approved when you already have visa approval letter in advance. You will have to prepare some cash for stamping fee and 2 photos 4x6cm ( same size with passport picture) at the airport when you arrive. But this is not very important if you don't have photos on your hand, you can take picture when you arrive and you have to pay 5 USD for this case.