Who need visa when visiting Vietnam?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Nov 13, 2013

1.1 Only the citizens of below countries are able to visit Vietnam without an entry visa:

- Most citizens of ASEAN member-countries as Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Laos do not need a Vietnam visa if they visit Vietnam within 30 days. The Philippine passport holders do not need a Vietnamese visa for 21 days and Myanmar do not need Visa within 14 days. The passport holders of Brunei are not required to get a visa to Vietnam for 15 days. They could apply for popular passport type with return tickets.

- From July, 1st 2015 to next June 2016, Vietnam Government exempts Visas for nationals of 5 Western European countries as: France, Germany, Spain, United Kingdom and Italy. They do not need visa if staying in Vietnam less than 15 days regardless of their purpose or type of visas.

- Citizens of and Timor-Leste is all required Visa Vietnam.

- The Passport Holders from Korea, Japan, Russia and the Scandinavian nations (as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland) do not need a visa to Vietnam if they intend to stay in the country within 15 days. They could also apply for popular passport type with return tickets.

- All other citizens are required to get a Vietnam entry visa (issued prior to departure by local consulates or embassies) or a pre-approved letter for picking up an entry visa (issued on arrival at Vietnam's International Airports) at the airport. Both are supplied before arrival in the country.

1.2 Some exceptions: 

- No visa is required for travel in Vietnam for less than 90 days or several visits within 6 months for citizens of France who holds valid diplomatic or official passports. 

- No visa is required for travel in Vietnam for less than 90 days or several visits within 6 months for citizens of Chile who holds valid diplomatic or official passports.

- No visa is required for 60 days per time with APEC Business Travel Card (ABTC) Holders from Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies.

- Foreigners and Vietnamese is holding foreign passport who enter Vietnam through an international border gate to travel on Phu Quoc Island and stay there for less than 15 days will also be exempted from Vietnam visa application. Passports must be valid for at least 45 days. After arriving on Phu Quoc Island, the Vietnamese immigration department is responsible for issuing visas on the spot if visitors want to travel other localities or stay in the island for more than 15 days.

- No visa required for Vietnamese overseas for less than 90 days staying if they are holding Vietnam visa exemption certificate.


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  • no-avatar
    Victor Velena
    United States of America

    Visa requirements

    Mar 12, 2024
    We’re cruising and will visit one day Nha Thrang in December' do we need a visa?
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Mar 12, 2024

    Dear Victor Velena,

    Thank you for reaching us.

    We would like to inform you that the United States of America passport holders needs Visa to enter Vietnam regardless of the entry ports.

    To enter Vietnam by a cruise through a seaport in Nha Trang, you can apply for the E-Visa at this link https://www.vietnam-evisa.org/apply-visa.html

    It takes 3-4 working days to process.

    Best regards,

    Heidi Phan (Ms.)

  • no-avatar
    Aman Hagos

    Visa request

    Mar 27, 2021
    I am planing to com to Vietnam i have already South Korean visa do i need visa to inter vietnam please
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Apr 17, 2021

    Dear sir,

    Yes you need visa to arrive Vietnam. 

    At the moment, there's 3 months single entry business Visa for experts with a sponsor company in Vietnam

    Required documents:

    - Application for guarantee

    - Business license of a sponsor company in Vietnam

          Processing time: 4 working weeks

    And do quarantine for 15 days at designated hotel. 

    Please do not hesitate to contact us if you meet the conditions


    Scarlette Le (Ms.)

  • no-avatar
    matt bayliss
    United Kingdom

    visa with coronavirus

    Mar 12, 2020

    I am traverling to Thailand for a few days from the UK then on to Vietnam for 7 days do I need a visa for this as I read that you don't need one for under 15 days stay, and also if it is okay to turn up without a visa being from the UK with the outbreak of the coronavirus
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Apr 02, 2020

    Dear Mr Matt

    UK passport holder must apply for Vietnam visa at the moment.

    It is informed that due to the COVID-19 outbreak recently, The Vietnam Government will deny to issue visa on arrival or evisa for ALL NATIONALITIES (even if they already had the approval letter)

    This decision will be effective from 12:00 (noon), 15 March 2020 for 30 days, and not be applicable to entrants for diplomatic or official purposes,

    Please cancel your trip and wait until everything is getting better. 

    Best Regards.

    Stepfano Tran (Mr. )

  • no-avatar
    Elaine pendlebury
    United Kingdom

    Vietnam holiday

    Mar 06, 2020
    I am going to Ho Chi Minh on the 8th March for a 13 nights stay. I have read various information that tells me I don’t require a visa. Can you please confirm this is correct.
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Mar 09, 2020

    Dear Elaine pendlebury, 

    Vietnam offers 15-day visa exemptions with single entry for visitors from the U.K.. However, their

    passports should have at least six months of validity upon the date of arrival to meet airlines’

    requirements, and their arrival date is NOT within 30 days from their last exit date with visa exemption.

    Otherwise, they will need a Vietnam visa.

    If you stay more than 15 days please apply for Vietnam visa

    Best Regards.

    Stepfano Tran (Mr. )




  • no-avatar

    Visa requirenents

    Feb 05, 2020
    Based on the question i understand that people with a british and or french passport when staying less than 15 days in Vietnam do not need to get an e-visa.

    Is this the same for people who hold a Netherlands passport?. (is on the website a link available with all countries benefiting from this rule?

    Thank you
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Feb 06, 2020

    Dear Olivier,

    Thanks for your question!

    We would like to inform that Netherlands passport holders need visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply visa on arrival at this link: https://www.vietnam-evisa.org/apply-visa.html

    Best regards,

    Nina Huynh