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Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Nov 06, 2013

Corporation Programs and VIP account of are designed to support personal and organizations and travel agents who frequently use our Vietnam visa service.

 VIP account

1.Who can be offered?

- We offer VIP account for those who uses frequently our Vietnam visa on arrival service for yourself or your relative.

 2. What you get?

  • Automatically reduces service costs.
  • Easy-to-use online account management system allows travel managers to view and manage numerous visa applications for the employees through their administrative accounts.
  • One universal 100% paperless application form reduces average application time to 2 minutes compared to 30 minutes when using other visa services.
  • Information is securely saved for the next using, which allows completing the application process by simply adding the information pertaining to the new country of destination next time one needs to travel abroad.
  • Real-time status updates for both the travel coordinator and the employees.
  • Centralized cost management system reduces overhead by eliminating the need to reimburse individual applicants.

3. How to apply?

  • Register an account at here.
  • Remember Log in whenever you apply Visa online, or apply Rush visa.
  • Your account will be automatically upgraded to VIP account if your application volume reaches our requirement as the table below:


- 1 application is equal to 1 order ID.

- You must login before applying for VIP members.

 VIP visa account of

        Register now for Corporate Account!

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