E via issue

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E via issue

Jul 19, 2019
A friend applied for an E visa and was seemingly rejected for an incorrect name on the application, despite the name being correct.
They have re submitted but the e visa might not be approved in time for the visit. If they enter the country on the 15 day visa exemption allowed to British travellers and the e-visa is then approved can they stay for the 30days total allowed by the e visa?
Vietnam Evisa Support
Jul 20, 2019

Dear Sam

If you arrive by the 15 days visa exemption for British passport holder, then you'll get the 15 days visa stamp only.

Even you get the Evisa later, you cannot use it to stay 30 days when you're already there.

However, if you want to prolong your stay, you can do the visa extension.

Incase you arrive Ho Chi Minh city, we can help you with the extension 


Scarlet Le (Ms.)

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