Why should you book the full package visa procedure?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 26, 2021

During the World Covid-19 Pandemic, most countries suspend entry for all foreigners. So do Vietnam. However, The Vietnamese government allows Experts, Investors, Skilled Workers and their families to enter Vietnam by applying for the 3 months single entry business visa. Foreign employees that want to enter Vietnam should ensure they have a sponsor who can assist the employee in obtaining the necessary paperwork and communicate any changes to them. Vietnam-evisa.org is the leading company in assisting expats to obtain their visa. We provide the full package visa procedure with many advantages for our customers. Then, what are these advantages? Why should you book the full package visa procedure? Here’s your answer.

  1. To avoid paperwork hassle

    Obtaining Vietnam Visa during Covid period is not easy. Expats must have a sponsor company, have to provide many docs (more than before) and so do the sponsor company. With our full package visa procedure, we’ll cover your docs. By this action, you can avoide paperwork hassle and getting line at the Consulate.

  2. To save more time

    Obtaining visa during Covid Period is more strictly than normal, therefore, it takes more time for the Vietnamese Government and the Immigration Department to review and process the visa for you. Booking a full package visa procedure with us helps you to save more time as we have experiences in assisting expats to apply for a Vietnam Visa. The procedure will run continously to save your time the most.

  3. To make sure you can get the right service

    Vietnam-evisa.org with our experiences in assisting expats to obtain the Vietnam Visa will bring you the best service that cover your itinerary. At the moment, quarantine hotels cannot be booked online, it must be booked directly so expats will have difficulties in booking. And due to Covid-19, flight tickets change constantly so we’ll advise you to book the flight that helps you to arrive Vietnam. Therefore, our full package is the best choice for you during this sensitive period.

  4. To save more money

    Due to Covid-19, regulations change constantly, so our full package will help you to find the best choice for your trip. We will inform you in a timely manner for the smoothest trip if there’s any changes/updates, that helps you to save more money.


Here’re the reasons why you should choose our full package visa service during Covid-19. We hope it helps. Thanks and stay safe!


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