New E-Visa Policy Contributes Many Benefits to Vietnam’s Economy

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Sep 26, 2023

The new E-Visa policy has changed some rules that create advantages for Vietnam's economy. E-Visa policy changes have brought many positive things to Vietnam's tourism industry in particular and to Vietnam's economy in general.

  1. Benefits to Vietnam's Economy

Tourism: In the first 8 months of 2023, international visitors to our country reached more than 7.8 million arrivals, approximately 97.5% of the goal of welcoming international visitors for the year.

Cuisine & Entertainment: Tourism has developed, leading to the development of cuisine and entertainment. Tourists to Vietnam not only visit the beautiful scenery but also enjoy the cuisine and participate in entertainment activities such as Vinpearls game area, Vinwonders, and entertainment services in Hoi An, Da Nang,...

Business: After the new E-Visa policy with multiple entries, foreign visitors can come to Vietnam to work and return many times without needing to apply for an E-Visa again. A developed business creates more value, jobs, and money for the economy.


2. New E-Visa Policy

It has allowed citizens of all countries and territories to apply for E-Visa.

The duration of E-Visa is up to 90 days.

Visitors come to Vietnam with single or multiple entries.


3. Get an E-Visa

You may get an E-Visa in two different ways.

Through the Vietnam Immigration Department: Get an E-Visa by accessing the official Vietnam E-Visa website at and filling out an application.

Through our E-Visa Service: 

Your turn: Fill out necessary documents.

Our turn: Take care of the rest.

Our guarantee: the exact time to get an E-Visa (3 working days), 24/7 support, and protection of customer's information.



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