Thai Binh lotus season: a tapestry of simplicity and grace

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jul 04, 2023

Vibrant colors and simplicity create an alluring spectacle at lotus ponds in the northern province of Thai Binh during summer, exuding an air of nobility. 

Thai Binh, about 110 kilometers away from Hanoi, is home to many lotus ponds and a rich variety of lotus flowers. Among the notable attractions are the Van Dai Lotus Pond in Hung Ha District, the An Vu Lotus Pond in Quynh Phu District, and the Vu Tay Lotus Pond in Kien Xuong District.

One of Thai Binh's most renowned and expansive lotus ponds can be found at Van Dai Lotus Cooperative in Chi Hoa Commune of Hung Ha.

Within Van Dai Pond, approximately 32 lotus varieties flourish, including the Nymphaea lotus, Lotos Momo Botan (pictured), Ai Jiangnan lotus, and the Japanese variety. Additionally, there are rare lotus varieties such as Zhizun Qianban (ultimate thousand petals lotus) and Tinh De, a lotus variety characterized by the feature of two lotus flowers blooming on the same stem. There are also approximately 20 water lily varieties in the pond.

The Ai Jiangnan lotus displays white petals and a yellow pistil, emitting a fragrance even in its budding stage. Once the flower blooms, it gradually withers, loses its petals, and fades away. Apart from white, this lotus species also exhibits yellow hues.


Visitors can engage in lotus harvesting, learn about cultivation methods, enjoy the flavors, and purchase lotus-derived products such as tea, lotus roots, lotus seeds, and pickled lotus roots.


Apart from this cooperative, lotus ponds in An Le and An Vu communes in Quynh Phu District, Thai Binh, are also adorned with full bloom. The owner of Dien Linh Garden in An Le Commune mentioned that the garden has been open for five years, spanning an area of approximately 2 hectares and cultivating various pink lotus species to cater to photo enthusiasts.

Starting from mid-May, numerous tourists have flocked to Thai Binh's lotus ponds to take photos with the flowers. Neither Van Dai Lotus Cooperative nor An Vu Lagoon impose entrance fees.

The optimal time to visit the lotus pond is early morning. During this period, the sun illuminates the dew-laden petals, releasing a fragrant aroma. As the sun grows stronger around noon and afternoon, the lotus flowers wilt.

Thai Binh's lotus season typically spans from the fourth to tenth lunar months. As the lotus season draws to a close, the season of young green rice commences. The rice is wrapped within the lotus and their leaves, emitting a subtle fragrance, and is deemed a gift from the people of the north during autumn.




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