Why Was Your Vietnam E-Visa Rejected?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Oct 02, 2023

Due to many foreigners' demands to enter Vietnam, the E-Visa has been updated to meet their needs. This improvement has brought many benefits and comforts to foreigners coming to Vietnam for many purposes, such as traveling, working, visiting relatives, and exploring.

The E-Visa application procedure is simple and can be completed online. However, for many reasons, many foreigners' Vietnam E-Visa applications are still rejected.

Some common errors of E-Visa:

  • The purpose of applying for an E-Visa differs from the purpose of entering the country.
  • E-Visa application lacks the necessary documents: you can identify those when downloading e-visa, you still have time to apply for a new one and change flight as soon as possible. It will cost less than being denied at the airport on departure day and result in fewer negative sequences.
  • The personal information and E-Visa application information are inconsistent: Incorrect details can be missing full name, wrong spelling, reverse order in full name, incorrect date of birth, unmatching passport number, and so on.
  • Invalid Vietnam E-Visa photo: You must provide a photo that is on your mobile device when you apply online. In certain cases, applicants use an original photo that has been cropped to the required size. As a result, the image becomes blurry so the Official cannot see it clearly.

In addition, there are many other reasons why your Vietnam E-Visa can be refused. Therefore, to avoid this situation, you should look for the support of a reputable E-Visa service for the most optimal support.

Requirements when applying for E-Visa

  • Passport data page image covering all ID information, photo, and ICAO lines.
  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into Vietnam and have at least 2 blank pages left.
  • 1 Portrait photo.
  • Bank card that can make international payments to pay E-Visa fees online.

Choosing our E-Visa service

In fact, not many Vietnam E-Visas are refused. However, you will definitely need a lot of time and effort to complete the E-Visa application.

Applying for E-Visa service with Vietnam-evisa.org, you get:

  • Free consultation on Vietnam E-Visa procedures.
  • Ready to answer all your questions for free 24/7.
  • Assist you in preparing and processing documents and completing documents.
  • Representing you to submit applications and monitor E-Visa results.
  • Handling problems that arise after submitting E-Visa applications (if any).
  • Receive results and send E-Visa to you via email.
  • Our refund policy when there are errors from us.




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