Cu Chi Tunnels, A Place You May Want to Visit during Vietnam National public holiday - Reunification Day (April 30)

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Vietnam Reunification Day is coming then you may want to make a short tour to celebrate with your family or friends during this occasion. And Cu Chi Tunnels is a good idea in this case, where you can have a memorable experience that forsure you will never forget.

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most popular attractions in Ho Chi Minh city. According to many travel companies, the number of tourists contacted to inquire about prices and details about visiting Cu Chi Tunnels has increased many times..



Tunnels in Ben Dinh


When arriving to Cu Chi Tunnels, you will experience the secret underground tunnels system, a system of battle mounds, a system of anti-tanks, homemade mines, Hoang Cam kitchen - hiding smoke when cooking, visiting Ben Duoc temple - a place to honor the national heroes of the anti-colonial and imperialist period.

Moreover, you’ll have a chance to visit the village where recreating the liberated area with many activities like: planting rice, pounding rice, catching fish, grinding rice, knitting, ... and participating in making traditional rice paper of the indigenous people.



Visitors enjoy taking photos with the wax statues

Furthermore, visitors will be relieved of the authentic village scene on Cu Chi land during the production and fighting process. There are three-spaces houses, with yin yang tiled roofs that still keep the traditional features of the Southern Vietnam villages; there are cottage roofs filled with bomb shells; and there are houses used as secret meeting places… There also have scenes of increased production that are reappeared by wax statues to increase the liveliness and truthfully.

According to those tourists that come to the relic Cu Chi Tunnels for the first time, the most impressive thing is having the experience with the cuisine of the countryside market and “entering the tunnels” to feel the long and arduous battle. Mr. Henry - a French tourist, said that he and his girlfriend had been used all the time for visiting all the allowed tunnels.



Even though I’m quite bigger than the Vietnamese, I want to challenge myself and feel what it’s like to live in the tunnels. So, I decided to get down and try all the tunnels although many people have to give up in midway.”- he said.



The authentic village scene in Cu Chi Tunnels

The holiday is coming, so if you want to explore Vietnam, and experience the historical occasion, please do not hesitate to contact us at We will help you to get the Vietnam visa as soon as possible and plan a reasonable tour for your trip!

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