Cuc Phuong - Northern Vietnam National Park Unveils Enchanting Night Tour

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on May 09, 2024

Nature enthusiasts rejoice! Cuc Phuong National Park, a gem in northern Vietnam, has launched a captivating night tour, offering a unique glimpse into the park's nocturnal wonders. 

This exciting program caters to tourists seeking an unforgettable experience beyond the usual daytime explorations. Launched on May 4th, the tour delves into the park's vibrant nighttime activity, showcasing a fascinating world unseen under the daytime sun.


A Nocturnal Adventure Awaits

Fireflies in Cuc Phuong National Park. (Photo courtesy of the park)

The roughly hour-long tour kicks off at 7 pm and runs daily, with the last tour departing at 8:45 pm. Visitors are whisked away on electric carts, ensuring a sustainable and quiet journey through the forest. The adventure begins at a designated "experience and creativity zone," particularly exciting for young explorers. 

The tour then embarks on designated trails, led by knowledgeable guides who unveil the secrets of the nighttime forest. Guests can expect to encounter a dazzling array of fireflies illuminating the darkness, alongside various nocturnal animals like deer and intriguing insects. 

The park is known for its rich biodiversity, and on this tour, there's even a chance of spotting rarer creatures like pangolins, civets, otters, and even lorises.


More Than Just Sightseeing

The night tour isn't just about marveling at the park's beauty. It also serves as an educational platform, raising awareness about conservation efforts and the park's crucial role in protecting Vietnam's wildlife.  

Park officials have taken careful measures to ensure the tour minimizes any impact on the animals' natural habitat. This includes restricting visitor numbers and designating specific areas for exploration.


Plan Your Nighttime Expedition

The Cuc Phuong National Park night tour is an affordable adventure, priced at VND 100,000 (around $3.94 USD) for adults and VND 50,000 for children. 

Those interested in embarking on this nighttime escapade are advised to come prepared. Long clothing and insect repellent are essential for a comfortable exploration.  

For the latest information on firefly season and butterfly sightings, visitors can check the park's website or Facebook page.


So, if you're looking for an extraordinary experience in northern Vietnam, consider trading your daytime itinerary for a night tour at Cuc Phuong National Park. The park's nocturnal world awaits!



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