How To Choose The Right Type of Vietnam Visa For Your Needs

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Oct 10, 2023

When planning a visit to Vietnam, obtaining the appropriate visa is essential. The Vietnamese government offers different types of Visas to serve the diverse needs of travelers. Below are some other types of Vietnam Visas that may correspond to your specific choices:

1. Visa On Arrival


  • Available for many nationalities.
  • Can be obtained upon arrival at a designated entry point in Vietnam.


  • Require the Visa approval letter in advance
  • Must apply through an agent/company/organization in Vietnam
  • Processing times can be longer than for E-Visas.
  • Not all entry points offer Visa On Arrival services.
  • It may require additional documents, such as a letter of invitation from a Vietnamese sponsor.
  • Fees: for this type of visa, you not only pay for the application fee but also the stamping fee upon arrival.


2. Visa at Vietnam Embassy/ Consulate in your living country


  • Available for all nationalities.
  • Can be obtained for any type of visa, including long-term visas such as work visas and student visas.


  • It can be a time-consuming and bureaucratic process.
  • May require additional documents, such as a valid passport, proof of financial support, and a letter of invitation from a Vietnamese sponsor, and other required documents depending on your purpose of entry.


3. Vietnam E-Visa


  • It is convenient and easy to apply online.
  • Fast processing times.
  • Can be used to enter Vietnam through any of 42 eligible ports including seaports, land ports, and airports.
  • The length of stay is limited to 90 days with multiple entries.
  • The stamping fee is inlcuded in the fee paid advance, dont need to pay in cash at the airport.


  • Only available for certain types of visas, such as tourist visas, business visas, and medical visas.


Which type of visa is right for you?

If you are a tourist and plan to stay in Vietnam for up to 90 days, an E-Visa is the most convenient and easy option.

If you are a student or worker planning to stay in Vietnam for a longer period of time, you will need to apply for a visa at a Consulate or Embassy.

→ If you want to come to Vietnam to travel, visit relatives, or have a short business trip, E-Visa is the most reasonable choice for you.


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