Tan Son Nhat Airport: Automatic Immigration Gates are in used

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Aug 10, 2023

Tan Son Nhat International Airport, Ho Chi Minh City, the busiest airport in Vietnam, has opened 10 automatic immigration gates – Auto Gates, for a trial period. The gates are currently available to all Vietnamese citizens entering the country, as well as those with diplomatic or official passports or flight crew members. For foreigners, the gates are only open for exiting the country to those with Vietnam permanent or temporary resident cards.

The automatic gates are designed to speed up the immigration process and reduce congestion at the airport. To use the gates, passengers simply scan their passports and boarding passes and then have their fingerprints and photographs taken. The gates will then automatically verify the passenger's identity and allow them to pass through.

The use of automatic immigration gates is part of a broader effort by the Vietnam Immigration Department to modernize its immigration procedures. The department is also working to implement a biometric passport system, which will allow for even faster and more secure immigration checks.


5 steps for Autogate procedure

 1. Entry and exit procedures through the Autogate system are carried out with two layers of doors. At the first door, passengers face down the passport ID page into the reader, wait for the message to read successfully, then move on to the next step.

 2. Passengers face down their boarding pass into the reader, wait for the message of successful processing, the first door layer opens, then go to the second door.

 3. At the second door layer, passengers stand in position, correct posture, stand still for the camera to take portrait photos, wait for the notification of successful photography, then move on to the next step.

 4. Passengers put their right index finger on the reader to scan the fingerprint, wait for the successful notification, then move to the last step.

5. If the passenger completes the immigration procedures, the screen will say "Chào mừng quý khách đến Việt Nam” (Welcome to Vietnam). If the passenger completes exit procedures, the screen will say "Chúc quý khách có một chuyến bay tốt đẹp” (Have a nice flight). The second layer of doors opens, passengers step out, no need to stamp their passports.

There are several benefits to using automatic immigration gates, including:

  • Faster immigration processing: The automatic gates can process passengers much faster than traditional immigration counters. This can save travelers a significant amount of time, especially at busy airports.
  • Reduced congestion: The automatic gates can help to reduce congestion at immigration checkpoints. This can make the airport experience more pleasant for everyone.
  • Improved security: The automatic gates use biometric technology to verify the identity of passengers. This helps to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to enter the country.
  • Convenience: The automatic gates are easy to use and do not require passengers to interact with immigration officers. This can be a welcome relief for travelers who are tired or stressed from traveling.

Overall, automatic immigration gates offer a number of benefits for both travelers and airports. They can help to speed up the immigration process, reduce congestion, improve security, and make the airport experience more convenient.



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