Vietnam E-visa Photo Requirements & Size

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Aug 18, 2023

From 15 August, E-Visa is granted to citizens of all countries and territory on new E-Visa system.

1. Portrait photos used for applying for Vietnam Visa should meet the following requirements:

  • Recent photo (taken no more than 6 months);
  • Aspect ratio: width x length = 4 x 6;
  • Face area ratio accounts for about 75% of the image area;
  • The height from the eye to the top edge of the image is approximately 2/3 of the height from the eye to the bottom edge of the image;
  • Face looking straight, showing 2 ears, bare head, not wearing glasses;
  • White background;
  • 300dpi minimum resolution;
  • Jpeg 2000 file format;
  • Photos will be automatically checked for quality by the system after upload; please check your email frequently to be informed the error and follow our instructions to complete the application.

Sample photo


2. Passport data page image should meet the following requirements:

  • In high quality.
  • Cover all information and ICAO lines (the line with <<<< on the bottom of the ID page)


Starting from 15th August 2023, Vietnam grants E-Visa to citizens of all countries and territories and extends its validity to 90 days.  The unilateral visa exemption will be valid in 45 days! Click here to apply for the Vietnam E-Visa with us.



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