Vietnam Visa for the Albanian

1. Do Albanian need Vietnam visa or not?

   - Yes, they do. The Albanian Citizens who are living in Albania as well as anywhere over the world also need visa to enter Vietnam.

2. How many ways for the Albanian Citizens who are living in Albania as well as anywhere in the world by applying Vietnam visa?

There are two ways

 2.1 Apply for Vietnam visa online

By applying for Vietnam visa online, you are going to get Vietnam visa stamped at Vietnam airport. You need to fill the application form online via the website in some minutes. It is very easily because you can apply visa online in any places where have connected with internet, wireless or 3 G mobile.

This is the best way for you because of its quickness, safety and convenience. You need not send passport to anywhere to reduce the minimum of losing issues.

This way helps you save amount of time and money because its cost is cheap and the service fee are fixed on the website, no hidden charge and extra money, no fail. You get the confirmation right after 1-2 business hours to know how your visa status. Normally 24- 48 business hours after you submit your visa application online from Albania, settle payment for Vietnam visa approval fee, you will receive the visa approval letter (granted by Vietnam Immigration Department). In emergency, we will process your visa just about 30 minutes- 4 hours and sure that you get an approval letter via your email before boarding the plane. As soon as arriving in Vietnam, you will receive stamp visa on arrival. If you need our helps, we are ready to support you immediately 24/7. And if you want to apply Vietnam Visa in traditional way, you can see the next introduction.

2.2 Apply Vietnam visa at the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate

This is a rather perplexing way. Instead of filling the form on our website, you have to come directly or send your passport, required documents to Vietnamese Embassy or Consulate. But sometime your issues can be lost, it makes you worrying. In addition, you can not control the expense and have to pay extra cost, waste a lot of time to complete it.

On the other hand, at this moment Vietnam Embassy or Consulate has not been established in Albania yet, so you must to contact with The Vietnam Embassy in Hungary-the nearest country, for the visa application (address shown below).

This way is inconvenient, we do suggest you apply the visa through Vietnam visa on arrival as the best choice.

Vietnamese Embassy in Budapest, Hungary

Address: 1068 Budapest , VI. Benczurutca 18.
City: Budapest
Phone: (00361) 342-5583, 342-9922, 343-0963
Fax: (00361) 352-8798
Web Site:
Office Hours:

1. Office of the Embassy:
  • Tel: 342.5583/12; 342.9922/19; 343.0963/12,19
  • Working hours: From Mon to Fri: Morning: 8h00 - 12h00 Afternoon: 13h00 - 16h00
2. Consular Section:

Tel: 342.5583/13; 342.9922/13; 343.0963/13

Mon, Wed and Fri: from 8h30 - 12h00.

3. Commercial Section:
  • Address: 1141Budapest, Zsálya u.28
  • Tel: (00361)222-9112

Fax: (00361) 222-7039