9 things you have to do when arriving Vietnam - Marilyn downing

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 16, 2014

In the magazine Huffington Post of America, the journalist - Marilyn Downing shared her experience on the best things which we should make when entering Vietnam


Vietnam is one of my favorite destinations in Asia because there are many landscapes, friendly residents and a magnanimous history.

The list of nine things which she would like to do when returning to Vietnam is bellowed:

1. Make an expedition at night by yacht in Ha Long Bay brings to you a new experience. The Halong bay is so imposing that everybody has to visit when travelling in Vietnam. Normally you spend about 2 hours from 16.00 to 17.30 to swim, relax and join in kayaking activities. Especially you have an opportunity to savor the dinner in the junk. The islands here welcome you whenever to discover mysterious limestone caves or visit the floating villages of fishermen which are close to islands.

2. Travelling on cruise on Cuu Long river (Nine Dragon river) is so interesting. We will have a favorable view of immense green rice fields with light winds where hospitable farmers are working hard. You can stop in somewhere to see how the residents make delicious white rice papers. It is a speciality of Mekong Delta which is made from rice, coconut.

3- Wandering the alleys in ancient Hoi An city by bicycles certainly brings to you peace in mind. Hoi An City is unique ancient town in Vietnam which was recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESSCO in 1999.  Up to now this ancient town has been preserved almost primitive status of many relics such as houses, halls, temple, bridges and markets.

4- Relaxing in Six Senses resort in Con Dao is the best choice in hospitality. Con Dao is wonderful island with white sand beach embracing the blue sea. The nature is beside you with light wind from green coconut trees.

5- Con Dao is unique scence which reflects lively Vietnam history being relevant to America. The Con Dao prison with famous tiger cage system, items, photos are so impressive.

6- Learning how to cook Vietnamese dishes enrichs your daily meal. Vietnam has many dishes balancing cellulose and protein.

7- Gazing with veneration at excellent art works at the exhibition in Ha Noi Capital.

8- Visiting Van Mieu – Quoc Tu Giam ( translated as Temple of Literature) in Hanoi.

The oldest architectural complex in Hanoi, Van Mieu or Temple of Literature, was established in 1070 in the Ly Dynasty (1009 - 1225). Founded in honor of the Chinese philosopher Confucius, It was an education center for higher learning in more than seven centuries.

The temple is designed up to the original Temple of Confucius in the Chinese city of Qufu and consists of five courtyards, the first two of which feature well-tended lawns. Five courtyards are separated by walls and ornamental gateways and a central pathway through the complex divides it into two symmetrical halves.

9- Making an expedition to the small villages of the ethnic minority groups hiding in the mountainous slopes provide you valuable experience. Here you will make an interesting conversation on nature with a warm cup of green tea from hospitable residents in their simple bungalows.

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By Vietnam-evisa.org team

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