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Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on May 12, 2023

Da Nang, which has been called the most livable city in Vietnam, is constantly on the "priority list" of Vietnam's tourist destinations. The following list of Da Nang destinations is recommended for travelers to Vietnam.

The most well-known Da Nang landmark is the first swing bridge in Vietnam, which was designed by a Vietnamese engineer. To accommodate visitors' sightseeing needs, the bridge will rotate 90 degrees from 01:00 - 04:00 on weekdays and 23:00 - 24:00 on weekends.

The Swing Bridge in Han River at night


Also at Han River area, the fireworks display is located at Song Han Port. Accordingly, DIFF 2023 is expected to take place from June 6 to July 8, 2023. The scale of the stands is 17,000 seats. From the Song Han Bridge, you also can enjoy DIFF this year.

DIFF 2023 is expected to have 8 participating teams, including 7 international teams and the Da Nang team. They will perform in 5 nights, including 4 qualifying nights and 1 final night.

Along with the special fireworks performances, DIFF 2023 also has art performances infused with the cultural identity of Vietnam and other competing countries with the participation of A-list artists, art troupes, and major art troupes at home and abroad.

The next place also in the Han river area is Dragon BridgeThe image of a dragon winding along the length of the big bridge has become a symbol of Da Nang. Every Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday at 21:00, the bridge will spew fire and water extremely spectacularly. If you travel to Da Nang on the weekend, you should not ignore this scene.


Dragon Bride spewing fire and water


Additionally, Hoi An, an ancient town, is a short drive from Da Nang and always retains its charm despite being surrounded by busy cities. In the 17th century, the historic town with its modest houses and wooden railings served as a bustling trading port. After more than 400 years, Hoi An still upholds cultural diversity and balance between Eastern and Western beauty, and it is unquestionably an essential location in the Da Nang travel guide.


Hoi An ancient town


Ba Na Hill, the most "authentic" amusement park in Vietnam, is also located in Da Nang. Ba Na is known by many names, including the fairyland and the European kingdom in Vietnam. The most well-known cable car route, which is among the top ten most impressive cable cars in the world, has achieved four world records.


Come to Ba Na Hill to feel the European atmosphere in the heart of Da Nang.


Located within Ba Na Hills, the Golden Bridge is a must-visit destination that travelers should not skip. This striking bridge is one of the most photographed spots in Da Nang,. This 500-foot-long golden bridge appears to be cradled by two gigantic hands amidst the clouds. Get there early in the morning to snap a shot on the bridge without the crowds. It connects the hilltop cable car station to the stunning Paradise Gardens, and you can enjoy breathtaking views of the East Sea and the Annamite Mountains as you cross.


Golden Bridge - the most photographed spots in Da Nang 



The last destination that we would like to recommend to you is Son Tra Peninsula. Only 8 km from the city center is Son Tra - the only primeval forest ecosystem bordering the sea in Vietnam. Visitors are free to explore the magnificent beauty of nature with the thousand-year-old banyan tree, or the top of Ban Co mountain - the most beautiful place to see Da Nang from above. In addition, Son Tra Peninsula also has Linh Ung Bai But Pagoda, which is "based on the mountain, facing the sea", bringing a peaceful but charming landscape for visitors to visit the temple.


A view of Son Tra Peninsula


This is a well-kept Da Nang travel tip for visitors looking to explore this beautiful coastal city. What are you waiting for? Plan your trip today!


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