Google honors Son Doong cave

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Apr 16, 2022

Google changed the avatar on the homepage on April 14 to celebrate the discovery of the Son Doong cave.


Son Doong Cave was officially discovered by Mr. Ho Khanh and the British Royal Expedition on April 14, 2009.


Google Doodle reproduces the image of a giant sinkhole located deep in a cave with sunlight illuminating the scene with many green shades of the mountains. This image is displayed on Google homepage of 17 countries and territories including Vietnam, UK, Romania, Sweden, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico, Argentina...


Google also praises the world's largest cave and uses the word "unparalleled natural phenomenon" to describe Son Doong cave. The spaces inside the cave are large enough to accommodate a 40-story building. In addition, explorers have discovered countless geological formations such as the world's largest "pearl" of limestone and stalactites.


Previously, Google Doodle also honored many typical cultural features of Vietnam such as Pho, banh mi, Trinh Cong Son, Xuan Quynh, or painter Bui Xuan Phai...


The fact that Google put the image of Son Doong cave on the homepage is the pride of Quang Binh province in particular and Vietnam's tourism industry in general. According to him, Nguyen Le Phuc, deputy director of the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, said: "Vietnam has opened up to international tourism with very favorable medical entry conditions, restored visa and immigration policies. As before the epidemic, all are ready and welcome international tourists to Vietnam".


To visit and explore Son Doong cave directly, visitors can book a place with a tour price of nearly 70 million VND or admire it through the online exhibition of Vietnam's wonders on Google Art and Culture.

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