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Hoian residents usually hang the light lanterns in special, important festivals

If you are too tired of skyscrapers, boulevards with polluted air from cars, so you should try finding the peace, quietness, classical life style in Hoi An City. It is unique ancient town in Vietnam which was recognized as World Heritage Site by UNESSCO in 1999.  Up to now this ancient town has been preserved almost primitive status of many relics such as houses, halls, temple, bridges and markets.

Some traveling tips below may help the tourist answer several questions when visiting Hoi An as Where to go? What to eat? What to do?

 1. Places for visiting

 - The "Japanese Bridge "(Chua Cau) was built in 16th-17th century. For Hoian residents, the Japanese Bridge is spiritual symbol which exists over 4 centuries.  There is a tale about Japanese bridge. Once upon a time there was a monster whose name is Mamazu. People said that its head was in India, body was in Vietnam and tale was in Japan. When this monster moved, it occurred many earthquakes, floods. Therefore the Japanese bridge pagoda is a sword which was stake out the body of the monster. The 18m bridge is a unique covered structure and built by the Japanese, the only known covered bridge with a Buddhist pagoda attached to one side. It connects Nguyen Thi Minh Khai to Tran Phu street in Hoian City.

 - The Ancient Houses such as Phung Hung, Quan Thang, Duc An are not only ancient architectures typically but also a sophisticated sculpture building. Beside, the owners of the houses own many valuable pottery collections.

The outside look of Phung Hung house


The interior decoration in Phung Hung house

 - Museums: the city has various small museums highlighting the history of the region, especially ceramics, like the Museum of Trade Ceramics. The Museum of Sa Huynh Culture was built in 1995 and has over 430 ceramic items from 8th to 18th Century. The items originating from China, India, Thailand and other countries are proofs of the importance of Hoian as a major trading port in South East Asia.

 - Some nearby visiting places as “Cua Dai” beach is about 5Km from Hoi An ancient town to the East. It’s a beautiful and ideal beach with blue water, white sand and small waves. The tourists can also book a tour to visit My Son Sanctuary, a cultural heritage or take a boat to visit the villages along “Thu Bon” river or visit of pottery villages just with 5$-10$.

 2. Eating and drinking

Beside beautiful landscape and peaceful life, Hoian offer visitor many special dishes is typical of Central Vietnam as:

3.1 Famous “Hoanh Thanh” with delicious sauce must be mentioned to Van Loc restaurant at Tran Phu street.

3.2 Dumpling, “Vac” cake at Bong Hong Trang catering 533 Hai Ba Trung street

3.3 Seafood at restaurants along “Cua Dai” beach.

3.4 Shopping address

- Coupled with right price, Hoian is truly a paradise of visitor .There is no more different price is offered by the seller and the manufacture. Many things to buy as gift or souvenir are:

a. Hoi An slippers is so beautiful. Visitor can be book a slipper is based on their feet at the morning, and receive it at the afternoon.

b. Fashion: there are many clothing stores with all kinds of fabric choices for travelers in Hoian. Guests can order and receive few hours later, even if the travelers are able to re-measure sent to the store, the products will be sent to the visitors. Prices may wear service in Hoi An is not higher than elsewhere

c. Hoi An lantern is also very beautiful and price is also cheaper.

d. If your favorite is collecting antiques, you can visit the shop at 82 on Nguyen Thai Hoc street stored thousands of ancestral collection over three centuries.

3. Some notes

- On Saturday, there is no motorized means to move. It’s difficult to find taxi or car, so tourist can rent a bike is very chip and easy to explore around.

- Although the weather is too hot, tourist will be recommended not to wear a three-hole shirt, skirt when visiting the sanctuary.

- To get Vietnamese visa, foreigner tourist can register online at www.vietnam-evisa.org just with simple steps to receive “Letter of Acceptance” from Vietnam Immigration Department, then getting visa at the airport.

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Have a nice trip to Vietnam!


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