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October, the weather is cool, it is time for the travels with friends or family because there are many interesting destinations in this time in three regions of Vietnam.

Please choose for yourself a agreed destination for your travels in this month.

1. Hanoi is sweet in autumn:

Each season of Hanoi has its own beauty but if you aren't used to the cold weather of winter or the hot weather of summer, fresh air bringing a little romance of Hanoi autumn will be the best choice for you.

Hanoi in autumn is quiet and romantic

Hanoi in autumn is quiet and romantic

Enjoying the beauty of the autumn by going on the streets which have yellow leaves falling like Hoang Dieu, Phan Dinh Phung or sitting on a cyclo moves slowly on Thanh Nien street in order to watch West Lake. The ancient town in this season is quieter. The famous destinations such as: Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, Quang Ba flower night market,… always attract tourists coming visiting. You also don’t skip foods in autumn of Hanoi because it’s very delicious.


 2. Ha Giang with many flowers

Talking about Ha Giang in October, most of people will think about beautiful flowery fields. This place is the most beautiful in mid to end of October. From Hanoi, you can go to Ha Giang by passenger car or motorcycle, discovery streets like Dong Van – Pho Bang – Meo Vac, Xin Man – Hoang Su Phi… in order to find experiences for your own. Terraced fields, Flower triangular circuit,…or anything in Ha Giang also can make you attached feeling.

Flower triangular circuit in Ha Giang

Flower triangular circuit in Ha Giang

3. Da Lat has all four seasons just in one day:

The end of October, hills in Da Lat are blaze of colour. The weather is quite cold, having a little fog together with a little sun will bring interesting experiences for you in this city. In the evening, you should drink a little hot coffee in the cold weather or walk in Dalat night market to enjoy your trip.

If you have enough time, from Da Lat you go to Don Duong, Duc Trong. You will find out wild sunflowers hills which is very beautiful.

 The street of October – the street of the wild sunflowers.

The street of October – the street of the wild sunflowers.


4. Ninh Thuan with Kate Festival

Ninh Thuan has sea, sand hill, unique architecture Champa and special festival will attract you. You can visit Po Klaong Garai Tower, Po Rome Tower or Bau Truc Ceramic Village and experience Kate festival – the largest festival and importance of Cham people following Brahmanical religion. It takes place in temples and Cham village.

If you would like to go to beach in autumn, Ninh Chu beach or Ca Na beach is the best choice for those who love beach. So,it is the place which you can’t miss when come here.


5. The Southwest of Vietnam:

From mid of October, the Southwest of Vietnam is a interesting place with many choices about destinations for visitors, depending the time of trip.

Tram Chim National Park (Dong Thap province) is a large space with water, sun, plants and animals. Hong Ngu, Thuong Thoi Tien also paint a peaceful picture of the southwest in autumn.

Coming An Giang, visiting Tra Su indigo forest, sitting on boat to enjoy the beauty of wetlands in the west of the Hau River.


Tra Su indigo forest – An interesting destination in the Southwest

Tra Su indigo forest – An interesting destination in the Southwest.


Specialities of Southwest will make you enjoyable feeling such as: Grilled Mouse, Fish Snakehead Trui, Hot Pot of Linh Fish served with Bong Dien Dien, Sticky Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaves.


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