Update Vietnam's Situation During Covid-19

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 29, 2021

Since the start of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Vietnam has closely monitored the situation and installed a series of proactive, comprehensive measures to combat the spread of the virus within the country and prepare its public health facilities. Past experience with other epidemics places Vietnam in a strong position to protect its population as well as visitors passing through. That’s the reason why you should choose Vietnam to be your business destination.

Vietnamese as well as foreign diplomats, officials, experts, investors, managers, skilled workers entering the country must comply with specific health regulations and paperwork, and undergo mandatory 15-day quarantine on arrival. However, foreign employees that want to enter Vietnam should ensure they have a sponsor who can assist the employee in obtaining the necessary paperwork and communicate any changes to them. That means the visa procedure is more strictly and takes more time for the Vietnamese Government and Immigration Department to review and issue the Vietnam visa.

Beside that, expats must provide a Negative COVID-19 test result for at least three days before entering Vietnam using the real-time PCR technique. The tests must be done at testing centers approved by their government or at test centers approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). This action helps Vietnam Government to minimise the Spread of Covid-19 and control it effectively.

Employees are required to have health insurance which covers health costs abroad, or be able to provide a guarantee from their company that it will cover any coronavirus-related costs.

Foreigners in the country during this time must fill out medical declarations online  and temporary residence declarations with their hotels or landlords. Declaring false information is a violation of Vietnamese law and may be subject to criminal handling.

Foreigners and residents are required to wear masks in public and may be fined for failure to comply.

Here’s a summary about Vietnam’s situation and policies for foreigners to imagine and follow. Regulations change constantly so please follow up our site for updates and news.

Stay safe!

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