Ca Na beach - the best beautiful beach in the South of Vietnam

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This beautiful beach road located Thuan Nam county, Ninh Thuan province. Its beauty made by a great combination of beach, mountain and sky.

Ca Na beach is located next to a part of 1A highroad, which is far 30m from Phan Rang city in the South. The name of this beach named after the ancient place of the Cham Ethnic.

Ca Na Beach at Ninh ThuanThe beautiful scene of Ca Na from the high view

To enjoy the beauty of this beach, visitors have better go to this beach by motorbike from Phan Rang city. After 40 minutes, when travelers come across a large filed named Nam Phuoc and left it behind, the first sound of waves will come and the beautiful coast road will appear.

The first impression of visitors when they come to this beach is its coast road shape. This coast road shapes like a crescent moon and is 3 meters in length and it gives a big hug to the 1A highway. This is a perfect beach because its sands are white and smooth and the waves’ gentle motion easily put the travelers to the sleep.

Before the beach is the majestic mountain with many old trees which has existed for a long time with the hard weather of Phan Rang. Many visitors compared to these rocks getting in line and extending to the beach like albatrosses plays on the beach.

With the wide vision from this beach, travelers can see a small island that is prominent on the beach. This island named Lao where is a best place for many types of sea bird live. When the dusk comes, Ca Na beach becomes twinkle with the light of electronic lamps from the fisher’s boat; it is the best time for fishers put out to sea, fish, and come back with fresh seafood in the early morning. This salubrious place and the weather easily help people forget their worries.

Ca Na Beach at Ninh ThuanCa Na beach with many big rocks

Ca Na beach is frequently comparable to a fairy just wake up suddenly after a long sleep. Many restaurants, hotels and cafeterias appear along this coast road. Travelers can enjoy a lot of fresh special seafood bringing the special taste of Ca Na beach. Along this beach, there are a lot of resorts which are luxurious and comfortable set up to help tourists relax and entertain themselves.

One of special activity that attracts many visitors there is fish cuttle-fish in the evening. After dark, the electronic light from boats makes this beach shine with many different colors. The light catches cuttle-fishers’s attention, so visitors can easily fish cuttle-fishes when they are ready with fishing-rod and bait.

fish cana
Tourists are very excited with fishing cuttle-fish

In the night without the appearance of moon, travelers can easily fish a lot of cuttle-fishes, but in the full moon nights travelers can enjoy romantic atmosphere with the moon, the sky and the beach.

Visitors having a chance to visit the South of Vietnam should drop in this place to enjoy one of gorgeous paradises of the South of Vietnam.

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