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To contemplate Da Nang in Nui Da café or Green Plaza café is the suggestions when you would like to watch this beautiful city from a high position.

This is the city which is been a lot of favorite visitors. Da Nang is seductive, interesting not only by the cuisine, the beautiful scenery but also by the friendly people. Coming this city, you don’t forget to find to some of cafes which can watch Da Nang from a high position.

Here are some of suggestions:

1. Green Plaze Café

Da Nang is watched from Green Plaza

Da Nang is watched from Green Plaza. Photo: Green Plaza Hotel.

Located on the 20th floor of Green Plaze, this café is the interesting destination to have a panoramic view of Da Nang. Sitting in here, you can watch Han River.

In the evening, Da Nang will become more fanciful, sparkling. The price of drinks in Green Plaza is commented quite expensive. However, with large space this place is still the interesting destination for tourists.


2. Bar Sky36

Bar Sky36 is located on the 35th – 36th  floor (elevation of 166m) in Novotel building, Bach Dang. This place is known as the bar in the uppermost floor of Vietnam. This place has the modern, exquisite style. You can choose sofa or hard chair with beautiful designs.

 Da Nang is watched from Bar Sky36

Da Nang is watched from Bar Sky36. Photo: Sky36.

The most attractive thing in here is you can see direct to the sea. You can come here in the evening when the city and the sea start to have the fanciful colors.

The quality of drinks and services in Bar Sky36 are also appreciated by visitors. The rich menu includes: the snacks, the cocktails,…


3. Sky View Lounge

Sky View Lounge is located on the 23rd floor – the terrace of Hoang Anh Gia Lai building. This is the area which a lot of the young choose when want to watch the city. Coming here, you can sit on anywhere to enjoy the drink and the airy space.

 The price of the drinks in here is the lowest: 50,000 VND

The price of the drinks in here is the lowest: 50,000 VND. Photo: Tripadvisor.

This is the place which you can watch the aircraft takeoff and landing at Da Nang International Airport. Sky View Lounge is suitable with those who love the photography. From here, you will see Han romantic river, Xuan Thieu strait on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Hai Van Pass and Marble Mountain.


4. Nui Da café

Not the modern boisterous style, Nui Da café is intended for those who would like to watch the city from a high position with the peaceful space. Located at the height of 50m above sea level, this is the place you can have a panoramic view Da Nang city at night. Between the beautiful scenery, it brings the style of village in Vietnam, this is the interesting experience for visitors.

 A green corner is in Nui Da café

A green corner is in Nui Da café. Photo: baodanang.

From café, you will see a lot of the bridges on Han River or My Khe beach. Coming here, you are also enjoyed the soothing aroma of the forest flowers.

Source: Vnexpress.

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