How to make your luggage ready conveniently in a long vacation?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 16, 2014

A long journey takes you a lot time to prepare many things such as identity documents, clothes, hygiene objects…. But your luggage weight is limited from 20 kg to 60kg. For convenience you have to arrange necessary things neatly that is suitable for standard weight.

Some tips for making your luggage ready are bellowed:

1. Make a list of necessary things

You should make a list in detail of basic things which you need to use in the period of traveling. If something are not in a list don’t try to pack in the luggage.

2. Identity documents, valuable things should be put in hand bag.

You should put identity document such as Approval letter, passport, passport copies, ID card, airplane tickets, travel insurance and other services to make procedures. Please pay attention to approval letter when receiving approval letter from travel agent, you have to check again your important information such as the full name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Passport Number.

Two 4 x 6 cm passport photos: In the best way you use 2 passport photos with 4 x 6 cm size. If you don’t have passport photos, you can take photograph at the Vietnam Airport. It costs 5 USD for a person. Your photo size is better still 4x6 cm however smaller size is also approved.

The documents are essential. You usually have to pick up them to anywhere so you should put them in a small purse try to keep it always close at hand.

Audiovisual material, notebook, pen, calendar, phone, documents, money, credit cards, fragile or valuable things ... just the essentials, don´t load it up too much.

3. High-tech equipment such as laptop, camera recorder, digital camera should be put in Carry – on bags.

You always bring high-tech equipment such as laptop, camera recorder, digital camera…. Normally these are objects which are easily wrong in unstable temperature. The airlines usually suggest that customers should take these things with you in carry-on bags.

4. Suitcase

It is very important that you take into account the measurements of your suitcase, in relation to what are allowing the transportation companies where you are traveling.

4.1 Put the toiletries in a small bag

Hygiene objects such as shampoo, shower cream, lotion, toothpaste, shaving razors … should be put in a small bag. In best these things is in small containers for traveling. Although there is a more bag but you will have more spaces in the suitcase. Tuck your toiletry bags in the middle of the suitcase and arrange more clothing and shoes around them to pad them.

4.2 Arrange clothes

Softer, wrinkle-resistant garments such as T-shirts and cotton pants are roll tightly and place them along the base of the bag. Jeans should be rolled, too. Then you layer fold stiffer and/or wrinkle-prone garments like starched cotton shirts and blazers over the rolled clothes. Next please look for nooks and crannies to fill with smaller items like bras and socks and shoes.

Do not pack too much, just the basics. The things you know you're going to wear or might be useful. If you don´t use it in your everyday life, you won´t use it either on the trip. It is better lo leave some spaces to contain the gifts, shopping, souvenirs … in Vietnam.

Hope that these tips help you economize your time in preparing the luggage. You will spend more time to search of find out more tourism locations, activities.

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