Some preparations for bad weather while taking a backpacking tour

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 16, 2014

Backpacking tour is a fairly new and unique traveling style for the foreign tourists when visiting Vietnam. Nothing is more interesting than exploring the culture and human life of Vietnamese by yourself with a motorbike. However, a difficult problem which the travelers probably face to is bad weather like a heavy rain. Some useful experiences for you to get a successful trip are below: 

 1. Preparations

- It's impossible to guess how weather of today is especially the area where the travelers stop or visit is far away hundreds of kilometers from the city center. So, rain coats and umbrellas are very necessary for yourself.

 2. For luggage

- The luggage should be packed separately in plastic bags. This creates a protective layer in case the backpack is soak. A large plastic bag or large rain coat is used to cover the backpack outside when it rains heavily. Especially, please pay attention to something is valuable may be wet by rain. For example, cell phone, camera or personal documents. Plastic bags should be thin, light and stored outside where is most accessible place.

 3. For personal

- Each member of backpacking team needs a thin, light and good anti-water rain coat. In addition, the travelers should take an extra rain jacket to cover outside and can cover more backpacking. They also need a pair of rain boots or shoes to protect their feet. When taking part in backpacking tour, the tourist should wear a helmet which has an eye protection to prevent dust and heavy rain for clear observation in order to drive easily. These individual equipments are also placed where to take easily. It's very useful when the heavy rain happens quickly and suddenly.

 4.  Moving on the road

- Because of slippery road when it rains, please do not drive too fast and carelessly. Accidents will happen easily if you brake immediately. Tourists have to obey the traffic law. Especially, driving should be slow on mountain passes or gravel paths. Please observe carefully the changed direction traffic. Don't move on the grass will take you lost control the wheel easily.

- Should turn on the light on rain and not pump the wheels too full

- Do not brake immediately when going around a bend. Remember to hold your vehicle always straight with a safety gap between other vehicles on the road to adapt yourself quickly to the circumstances. Brake light, then gradually increase the level and should use more times combined with rotating increase and release speed repeatedly to ensure safety.

- If you have to move on dirt or muddy roads..Note gotten remove any muddy attached on the tires and cleaned them if possible before continue your trip. If the road is too slippery, ropes or chains can be used to wrap the tires to increase friction.

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Have a nice trip!


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