The hidden charm of Nam Cuong sandy hill.

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Smooth sand dune, wandering a flock of sheep near the stream, blooming cactus and beautiful Cham girls that makes the hidden and romantic charm of Nam Cuong sandy hill.

Nam Cuong sandy hill is over 700 ha in square, is about 8 km from Phan Rang city of Ninh Phuoc district. It is not famous as far as Mui Ne sandy hill, but it has itself beauty. Nam Cuong sand dune also is like a secret teenager girl hidden her beauty waiting the suitable time to highlight. Only can the man profound in feeling discover her beauty, Nam Cuong sandy hill also wait to a deep knowledge art can understand its beauty.

Cham girls walking on Nam Cuong sandy hill

Cham girls walking in Nam Cuong sandy hill

This sandy hill is famous for winding path across villages, sometime uphill sometime downhill. Although it contain many winding path, visitors can sightsee red and yellow of wild cactus growing arid soil.

The most interesting in Nam Cuong sandy hill is the change of sand dune every moment. The footprint of Cham girl is deep in the sand will be wiped out after a night. Visitors will not bore when coming there because wind will change sand figure every moment looking like the waves in ocean.

The most suitable moment to contemplate sandy hill is at the sunrise when the early sun radiate the first sunlight on over sandy hill that stretch the hill with various colors from the dark to the bright.

Dong-the delicious food in Nam Cuong sandy hill

 Dong in Nam Cuong sandy hill-the delicious food.

The most special food in there is dong in sand. Dong is the animal looking like chameleon but it is not rougher and fatter than chameleon. Cham people thinks that the meat from dong can heal as the tonic. People can cook dong become many delicious dishes.

The other remarkable of Nam Cuong sand dune is the image of beautiful Cham girls with flexible form in traditional dress. Because of charm girls in there will wake up the quiet sandy hill. If visitors come to there from April to June, they can join in Po Nai festival of Cham ethnic minority with many unique activities.

The flock of sheep in Nam Cuong sandy hill

The flock of sheep in Nam Cuong sandy hill

In addition, tourist can learn more peaceful nomadism life of Nhi Ha residences. They usually herd thousands sheep on the stretch green grass. Many young couples sometime come to there to take a photo with while wandering sheep.

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