The last prince of Nguyen dynasty has passed away in America

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According to Nguyen Phuoc Toc, the son of King Thanh Thai-the final prince of Nguyen dynasty has passed away in America.

Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Gieu-the last prince of Nguyen dynasty

Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Gieu( on the left) is the last prince of Nguyen dynasty 

Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Gieu prince has passed away at 12:00 pm on Feb/02/2014 accordingly Vietnamese time; at the age of 90 in U.S., the prince’s body will be cremated according to Catholic rites.
According to Mr. Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Khanh - head of communications and external relations council, Prince Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Gieu is the last prince among 13 kings reigning in Hue city recognized when his father was officially ruled.

There are some princes still alive but not officially. For example, the prince of King Duy Tan was born when King Duy Tan exiled of France, or the prince of King Bao Dai abdicated, etc. are not considered official because they are not enthroned as official prince.
Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Gieu is the son of King Thanh Thai (1879-1954). King Thanh Thai is 10th among 13 king ruled in Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945) in Hue. This is the last feudal dynasty of Vietnam country.

King Thanh Thai of Vietnam

King Thanh Thai of Vietnam 

Thanh Thai came to the throne when the French still laying the groundwork in colonial in Vietnam. The real name of King Thanh Thai is Nguyen Phuoc Buu Lan, reigning from 1889 to 1907. He has many sons and daughters. One of them is Nguyen Phuoc Vinh Lan, became Emperor Duy Tan.
King Thanh Thai is one of three kings against aggressive French invader. He was exiled to French accompany with king Ham Nghi, Duy Tan. Nowadays, Thanh Thai’s body is being buried in An Lang mausoleum in Duy Tan Street, Hue city.
Although there is little information about Prince Vinh Giue, according to Mr. Vinh Khanh, Prince Vinh Gieu has gone to US for a long time; he had a difficult life and fewer children.

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