The real world of Dang Thuy Tram's diary

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 16, 2014

Quang Ngai province has harsh conditions but is also noted for its mysterious qualities and cultural and historical features.

The publishing of the diary of Dang Thuy Tram, a woman doctor who died during the war, has turned out to be one of the most remarkable social and political events of 2005. The lively words of the doctor, who grew up in Hanoi but served on the battlefields of Quang Ngai, has attracted the attention of many readers in and out of Vietnam.

The diary has been translated into English, Japanese, Korean and Romanian. Therefore the spirit of the diary has been absorbed by many international friends.

A tour has been organized to Quang Ngai Province to give people the chance to understand more about Dang Thuy Tram’s life in the battlefield. They will visit the heritage and historic sites in Quang Ngai such as Thien An Mountain, Dau Mountain, Son My ruins, Tra Khuc river, Sa Huynh Beach, My Khe Beach, Le Thuy Beach, Co Luy Fishing Village, The Chinese-style Ong Pagoda, the over 40 meter high Trang Waterfall, the natural island with more than 500 monkeys, the Ma Vuong hills where archeologists discovered the existence of the Sa Huynh culture in thousands of years ago and observe the life of the Ca Dong people with their stilt houses and terraced paddy fields.

Visiting the beaches in Quang Ngai is an essential part of the tour since the area has so many beautiful sandy beaches. Sa Huynh, one of the oldest inhabited areas in Vietnam, was the center of a culture that had strong influences on those of other countries in Southeast Asia. Stretching along the Truong Son mountain Range with the clean silver sandy beaches and pine-like trees, Sa Huynh’s scenery is very attractive to the romantic. Unlike most other beaches in Vietnam, Sa Huynh is still wild. However the picturesque scenery of the region is created with harmony of beaches, mountains, forests, steep cliffs, marine life and other natural features.

Le Thuy Beach, which is in the Dung Quat economic Zone and the feature town of Van Tuong, has even wilder look. To visit the sandy beach where there are a fishing village and huge rocks, tourists have to step down more than 200 stone steps. At the beach visitors swim in clear and cool water.

In Quang Ngai, the travelers will be served such regional specialities as baked rice papers in tiny clamp soup, Tra River fish, Ve river fish, Huynh De crabs, transparent candy, barley sugar, pinate leaf cake and so on.

Trang Waterfall (The White Waterfall) is one of most beautiful falls in Quang Ngai.  It flows down from Truong Son mountain range. The height is over 40 m. From the far view, the mountain slope seems be gilded with silver because of the whiteness of Trang waterfall. Under the waterfall there is a deep cool pond. Especially this pond has a bright emerald green color. In the hot summer, swimming and wading in the cool water is so wonderful.


The tour lasts only 4 days but gives a panorama of battlefield in Quang Ngai. Quang Ngai will be one of the destinations of a series of tours called Visiting Central Vietnam that will take in provinces and areas like Quang Nam, Danang, Hoian and more.

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