Are Moroccans eligible for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Mar 09, 2018

Vietnam visa on arrival requirement for Moroccans

To apply for Vietnam visa on arrival, the applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Travelling to the country by air only;
  • Holding at least 6 month valid passport (it may not reach 6 months, as long as the airline allows you to join the flight) which includes at less as one blank page;
  • Applying for it before arriving in Vietnam;

Notice of Vietnam visa on arrival

Moroccans can choose single or multiple tourist visa which can be used for the tourism purpose only provided on our website to apply for. Before applying, the applicants should learn about these important notices:

  • Single entry visa is which can be used to enter/ exit the country only once in the period of visa validity.
  • Multiple entry visa is which can be used to enter/ exit the country many times in the period of visa validity.
  • The visa on arrival is applied for air travellers only;
  • The applicant must apply for it before arriving at Vietnamese International airport;
  • The approval letter is valid starting from the date in the application form;
  • The holder of visa on arrival can enter larter than, exactly on but not earlier than the arrival date in the approval letter;
  • Once the visa expires, the holder is obliged to extend or renew it if wishing to stay longer without leaving the country.

Please click here to check the visa fee.

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