Single or multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival for Mongolia citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Mar 09, 2018

Which kind of Vietnam visa on arrival should you choose?

Single entry Vietnam visa on arrival

This visa type allows uninterrupted stay during your visa validity. Once the visa holder leaves Vietnam, he/she could not enter again without applying for a new visa. This kind of visa is the so-called “visa with single use”.

For instance: You apply for one month single entry visa of which arrival date approved is April 1st of 2018: Your visa is valid from that date to April 30rd of 2018. You are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam one time only by air within those 30 days. And you are required to apply for a new one if wishing to return.

Multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival

This visa type allows multiple times of entry/ exit from Vietnam as long as the total length of the stay does not exceed the period of the visa validity.

For example, if you apply for 3 months multiple entry visa, you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within 90 days since your registered arrival date. In case, you travel to Vietnam using visa on arrival service, your first entry must be by air. Later entries can be either by land or by air since at that moment, the visa stamp is already provided into your passport.

In conclusion, depending on your itinerary, you can choose kind of visa that is the best correspondent.

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    brian r gardner

    visa stamping fees

    Aug 17, 2018
    there is 3 people to travel to vietnam , how much is the stamping fee?
    Vietnam Evisa Support
    Aug 18, 2018
    Dear Brian r gardner,

    The stamping fee is 25 USD for 1-3 month single visa and 50 USD for 1-3 month multiple visa

    You will pay in cash with any currencies at Vietnam airport


    Celine Nguyen