Can French Guiana passport holders apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 27, 2018

Is French Guiana citizens qualified for Vietnam visa on arrival?

Basis of Vietnam visa on arrival

A foreigner may be granted a Vietnam visa on arrival in the following cases:

  1. He/she departs from a country without a Vietnamese competent authority to grant visas;
  2. He/she has to travel through many countries before arriving in Vietnam;
  3. He/she enters Vietnam on a tour organized by an international travel agent in Vietnam;
  4. He/she is a crewmember on board a foreign ship anchoring at a Vietnamese seaport and wishes to leave Vietnam through another border gate;
  5. He/she enters Vietnam to attend the funeral of a relative, or to visit a seriously ill relative;
  6. He/she enters Vietnam to join in the handling of urgent incidents, search and rescue, prevention and control of natural disasters or epidemics or for other special purposes at the request of a competent Vietnamese agency.

Exept from the case of number 4,5,6, the applicants must submit the legal visa approval letter provided by the Vietnam Immigration Department to be granted a visa stamp at the arrival airport and enter the country legitimately.

Moreover, if the expats wishing to enter with business purpose (to work with Vietnamese enterprises not to work under contract), he/she is entitled for visa upon arrival also.

In conclusion, since there is no Vietnamese Embassy in French Guiana, the citizens of country are entitled for visa on arrival of Vietnam.

The process of Vietnam visa upon arrival

To apply for the Vietnam visa online, the applicants must meet these requirements:

  • Travelling to the country by air only;
  • Holding at least 6 month valid passport (it may not reach 6 months, as long as the airline allows you to join the flight) which includes at less as one blank page;
  • Applying for it before arriving in Vietnam;

Find themselves meeting the conditions, they should follow these steps to finish the visa process:

  • Step 1: Fill in the online application form online;
  • Step 2: Make the payment sucessfully;
  • Step 3: Receive the visa approval letter via email;
  • Step 4: Pick up visa stamp at the arrival airport in Vietnam.
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