Cheap tourist Vietnam visa on arrival for Burkina Faso citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 13, 2018

When is tourist Vietnam visa on arrival available for Burkina Faso citizens?

It is the very first requirement for a Burkina Faso citizen to obtain a valid visa before arriving in Vietnam. They used to be obliged to visit Vietnamese Embassy in the neighbor countries such as Nigeria, Algeria & Morocco physically to complete the visa procedure since there is no offical competent representative of Vietnam in Burkina Faso.

However, since 1996, everything has changed, the applicants don’t need to jog on so much work but picking up visa stamp at the arrival which is called Vietnam visa on arrival provided Vietnam Immigration Department. Once approved, it is same equivalent to the visa issued by Vietnamese Embassy.

How can for Burkina Faso citizens apply for tourist Vietnam visa on arrival?              

They need to meet these conditions:

  • Having a at least one page left and 6 month validity passport;
  • Travelling to Vietnam by air;
  • Enterring with tourist purpose solely

vietnam-visa-onlineVietnam visa fee for Burkina Faso citizens


There are four steps needed to be completed:

  • Filling in the secure online application form;
  • Making the payment onlune;
  • Receiving visa approval letter by email;
  • Picking up visa stamp at the arrival airport in Vietnam.
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