How to apply for Vietnam visa on arrival in Belarus

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 10, 2018

Vietnam visa on arrival for Belarusian instruction

Document component for Vietnam visa on arrival

To be issued a visa stamp, you need:

  • An ordinary passport which is valid for at least 6 months;
  • Legal visa approval letter;
  • A filled in Vietnam entry and exit form;
  • Two passport size photographs which are newly taken;
  • Visa stamping fee which is paid in cash to Vietnam Immigration Department at the arrival airport.

The order of Vietnam visa on arrival for Belarusians

Beforehand, you need to determine on the visa type which should be applied for that suits your travel scheme the best. The reason for double checking your requirement is time and money saving. You certainly would not wish to apply again once finding out the incorrespondence.


Vietnam visa online process

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After that, please follow our completely online procedure: First is to fill your personal information in the visa application form. Then you need to finish your payment online (please notice that without the needed charge, we are unable to get your visa expedited). Getting and inspecting your visa approval letter is the third step. Finally, submit the above package of dossiers to get your passport stamped.

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