Cheap Vietnam visa on arrival for Niue passport holders

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Mar 13, 2018

Should Niue passport holders apply for Vietnam visa on arrival?

What are the differences between visa from Embassy and Vietnam visa on arrival?

Each of the solution has its own disadvantages and advantages, here is the brief comparison to help the applicants choose the best correspondent one:

Visa from Vietnamese Embassy

Vietnam visa on arrival

The applicants need to deal with the cadres and may are obliged to make interviews.

The visa agent will deal with the competent authority on their behalf.

The applicants need to be apart with their passports.

The applicants don’t need to hand the passports.

The applicants can apply by themselves.

The applicants need to apply through a legal visa agent.

The applicants can travel by any transport.

The applicants can travel by air only

The visa stamps will be provided beforehand into their passports.

The visa stamps will be provided at the arrival destination once they arrive.


Unfortunately, there is no Vietnamese Embassy in Niue, if choosing the option 1, the according applicants must visit the Embassy of Vietnam in neighbor country. Therefore, the most convenient way for them is to apply for visa on arrival. 

How to apply for visa on arrival with the cheapest cost on our website

Step 1: Filling accurate passport information and visa request into the online application form before arriving at Vietnamese International airport;

Step 2: Making the online payment succesfully;

Step 3: Receiving and checking for the visa approval letter sent via email;

Step 4: Picking up visa stamp at the arrival.

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