How can Netherlands Antilles get Vietnam visa on arrival in thirty minutes?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Mar 12, 2018

How to receive Vietnam visa on arrival approval letter in thirty minutes

Normally, it takes two working days to process the tourist Vietnam visa on arrival and three working days to process the business type for Netherlands Antilles citizens. However, to provide the clients with the best professionalism, we offer the rush Vietnam visa service which guarantees to help you gain the approval letter in only thirty minutes.

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

With visa on arrival, the applicants of it will be provided with visa approval letters from the inviters or sponsors who are organizations or individuals in Vietnam to submit to the arrival airport immigration cadres at Visa landing counter. Once the officers finish checking the validity of the letters, they will provide them with the visa stamps to enter the country.

The applicants are usually confused by the name of this visa type. They regard that all the process will be completed in advance at the arrivals. Nevertheless, the correct procedure will be:

Step 1: Filling accurate passport information and visa request into the online application form before arriving at Vietnamese International airport;

Step 2: Making the online payment succesfully;

Step 3: Receiving and check for the visa approval letter sent via email;

Step 4: Picking up visa stamp at the arrival.

Hence, only the final step is finished at the arrival and the applicants are obliged to apply for the visa online before arriving. This also caused the applicants to miss the needed process then request for the visa urgently, so the rush visa service will be the best solution in the moment.

The process of rush Vietnam visa upon arrival

You need to access to our website and complete the same steps as above. In addition, you must choose one of these kinds of processing time if you wish your visa is expedited:

  • Urgent case: Guaranteed 4-8 working hours
  • Emergency case: whithin 30 minute – 4 hour working time

And certainly, the service fee will be more expensive than the normal case.

Moreover, we can also process the visa for you on weekends and holidays in Vietnam. However, please pay attention to these important notices:

  • This visa is valid for air travellers only,
  • The applicant must apply for it before arriving at Vietnamese International airport.
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