The cheapest Vietnam visa on arrival for Netherlands citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Mar 10, 2018

Netherlands citizens can get Vietnam visa on arrival simply on our website

How does Vietnam visa on arrival work?

Instead of travelling forth and back to Vietnamese Embassy for requiring the Vietnam visa by yourself, you can insist on sitting at home and follow our instruction relaxedly to receive the visa approval letter in only two working days.

Step 1: Carefully putting your passport information and visa request in our secure online application form. Don’t forget to tick on the extra service upon arrival if needed.

Step 2: Completing your payment of Vietnam visa on arrival online. Please rememeber that only once you finish the payment and receive the confirmation from us, will we process your visa.

Step 3: Receiving your approval letter after two days. It’s never a waste to make a triple review of your letter. Only when the details are correspondent with your passport information, will you be allowed to enter smoothly. Please inform us in advance if you find anything wrong.

Step 4: Getting visa approval letter. You need to in inspect and obey the instruction attached to complete the work at Vietnamese airport. Find yourself diffident, please book for the fast track service.
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