How much does Vietnam visa on arrival for Palau citizens cost?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Mar 15, 2018

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival for Palau citizens cheaply and reliably

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

The applicant of visa on arrival will be provided with visa approval letter from the inviter or sponsor who is organization or individual in Vietnam to submit to the arrival airport immigration cadres at Visa landing counter. Once the officers finish checking the validity of the letter, they will provide him/her with the visa stamp to enter the country.

Therefore, it is highly advised that not only Palau citizens but also any foreigners worldwide should contact with the legal Vietnamese organization for the needed preparation and document to make the process of being granted with Vietnam visa more simple.

To apply for Vietnam visa on arrival on our website, the Paula citizens need to complete these steps:

Step 1: Filling accurate passport information and visa request into the online application form before arriving at Vietnamese International airport;

Step 2: Making the online payment succesfully;

Step 3: Receiving and checking for the visa approval letter sent via email;

Step 4: Picking up visa stamp at the arrival.

How much does it cost?

Each applicant needs to pay for two types of fee to receive the full visa:

1/ Service fee which is paid to us for handing the dossiers to Vietnam Immigration Department on him/ her behalf.

2/ Stamping fee which is paid to Immigration Department and is obliged for all the applicants.

To clarify about the exact amount, please click here.

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