How to apply Vietnam visa exemption certificate online?

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Nov 06, 2013

 In order to help the applicants get Vietnam visa exemption certificated more conveniently and saving their time. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched the Online System for visa to Vietnam. Please take a look at below instructions to apply visa steps by steps.

>> Getting Visa Exemption certificate at Vietnam Embassy


Apply Vietnam Visa Online

 Before filling in the application form for a visa exemption certificate, you are advised to read carefully the following guidance:



- Filling all the required information in the application form

 Note: All personal information must be accurate and in full since the void of which shall make the application ineligible for consideration and refused, hence the request for re-submission of application.

All sections marked with (*) are compulsory.



- After all informations is full filled, press button ‘Complete” for the system to automatically generate an electronic application form.

- To view and download an electronic application form to your computer, pressDOWNLOAD The system allows you to re-collect the application form. Please save all information onRegistration Number and Verification Code for subsequent use or enter your email address to get the information automatically sent to your mailbox.



- To read the downloaded electronic application form (PDF file), please use Acrobat Reader or other compatible softwares.

- Once again, please check all the declared information before laser-printing on A4 size paper (01 copy submitted to the Vietnamese diplomatic mission).



 - How to prepare the file: Sign in the printed electronic application form and prepare the file as instructed (See our guide here).




- Go to the nearest Vietnamese diplomatic mission to submit your file.

- Detail contact information of Vietnamese diplomatic missions are provided here.

Time for issuing certificate of visa exemption by Vietnamese diplomatic missions.


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