Cheap Vietnam visa on arrival for Cocos (Keeling) Islands citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 18, 2018

Vietnam visa on arrival for Cocos (Keeling) Islands citizens           

What is the differences between Vietnam visa on arrival and visa from Vietnamese Embassy

Vietnam visa on arrival

Visa from Vietnamese Embassy

We will complete the procedure on your behalf

You need to complete the process by yourself at their office

You don’t need to submit any document

You need to submit these following documents:

1/ 01 Application form (in provided format) with an attached photo;

2/ Passport or passport substitute;

3/ Visa approval letter issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department (Ministry of Public Security) or the Consular Department, the Department of External Relations of the Ho Chi Minh city (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

You will get the visa stamp at the arrival airport

You will be provided with the visa stamp before departing

You will get the approval letter within 2-3 working days

You will receive the Vietnam visa within seven days

You can travel by air only

You can travel by any transport


In conclusion, visa upon arrival of Vietnam is the best solution for those inquire for an convenient visa procedure as well as have no condition to keep in touch with the Vietnamese Embassy.

Since there is now no Embassy in Cocos (Keeling) Islands, you are highly recommended to apply for visa on arrival.

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