Reliable Vietnam visa on arrival for Central African Republic citizens

Posted by Vietnam-Evisa.Org on Jan 16, 2018

How to get Vietnam visa on arrival securely

Step 1: Fill in the Vietnam visa on arrival application form

Instead of visiting Vietnamese Embassy and submitting many documents, you can easily fill your personal information in the visa application form online anywhere and anytime.

vietnam-visa-on-arrival-for-central-african-republicVietnam visa fee for Central African Republic passport holders



  • Tourist visa: issued to citizens of Central African Republic entering with tourist prupose. In case you need another type of visa (business visa, study visa...), you shall contact the competent authorities in neighbor country – Nigeria;
  • Single entry visa: used for one entrance solely;
  • Multiple entry visa: used for many different entrances;

Step 2: Settle the visa payment online

Please verfiy that without the payment online, we are unable to process your visa. You can choose any secure online payment method provided on our website to finish the visa fee simply and get visa approval letter in advance.

Step 3: Receive the visa approval letter

Vietnam visa approval letter is usually issued in group and therefore, you may find your name, passport number and date of birth in the same letter with other people. If you wish to keep your information confidential, please apply for private letter on which is information of you and your members included. It cost 10$/ letter.

Two days after your payment completed, the visa approval letter will be sent via email. Please follow up and check if your information has been listed accurately.

Step 4: Pick up visa stamp on arrival

Before you arrive in Vietnam, please prepare:

  • A fulfilled Vietnam entry and exit form;
  • Two passport photographs;
  • Printed visa letter.

Once you arrive at Vietnamese international airport, you can submit the package above to Immigration officer. Sometimes, the long line of applicants collecting visa stamps will depress you. Therefore. you should consider the fast track service with which our staff will assist you getting visa stamps quickly.

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